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Celebrating New Chapters!

Please join us for a retirement open house to celebrate Jennifer West after more than 21 years of service to the Highland County District Library on Friday, Dec. 6, 5-7 PM, in the Hillsboro library's meeting room. (Please use the Children's Library entrance.) In addition, the Highland County District Library Board of Trustees will be holding a “Special Meeting” on Wednesday, Dec. 18 at 3:30 PM in the Board Meeting Room. The meeting will welcome our new Director, Suzanne Roberts. The Hillsboro library is located at 10 Willettsville Pike, Hillsboro, OH 45133

Summer Reading 2019 Wrap Up

Wrap Up Dates for Summer Reading 2019 at HCDL locations:

Hillsboro: Sat, Aug 3

Greenfield: Sat, Aug 3

Leesburg: Wed, Jul 31

Lynchburg: Wed, Jul 31


Call each location for details on prize pick-up:

Hillsboro: 937-393-3114

Greenfield: 937-981-3772

Leesburg: 937-780-7295

Lynchburg: 937-364-2511



Thank you for exploring "a universe of stories" this summer!