Annual Report 2001



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Highland County District Library
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Hillsboro, Ohio 45133
PHONE: 937-393-3114 FAX: 937-393-2985
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Fred Yochum, President
George Roush, Vice President
Kay McMullen, Secretary
Delma Fairley
Stephen Hunter
Craig Turner
Margaret Hudson

       Judith B. Lindley, Director
Jennifer West, Assistant Director
Emily Evans, Clerk-Treasurer
Margaret Magee, Greenfield Branch Manager
Carol Gustin, Leesburg Branch Manager
Elaine Williams, Lynchburg Branch Manager


The libraries in Highland County continue community involvement while providing library services. These services have expanded in several ways this year with additional programs offered, more Internet service, more books, videos and other formats being circulated and a large increase in inter-library loans.

Our biggest change since the 1995 automation of our library catalog and circulation systems has been our participation in the SEO consortium’s database. Since joining in June, we have shipped over 24,000 items to other libraries and borrowed over 18,761 from other libraries. In addition to inter-library loan, about 15% of our patrons and circulation are from patrons coming to our libraries from neighboring counties.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded over $73,000 worth of hardware and software to provide additional access to the Internet at each of our libraries. Each of our libraries received 5 computers and 2 laser printers.

The library was awarded an LSTA Grant to represent the Mother Goose Asks “Why?” preschool science programs to parents and children at the Hillsboro, Greenfield and Leesburg libraries.

Plans for more space for the Greenfield library have been nearly completed. The present building is very crowded, limiting its appeal and usage to patrons. We have purchased a new property in Greenfield and will add to a small building there for a proposed 9,000+ square foot library.

In addition to the summer reading program and the many other programs and books circulated to children, library staff visited schools, day care centers and Head Start programs, reaching 9,826 children. In special support of the school reading programs, Clifford, the Big Red Dog, Franklin, many other storybook characters visited the children at school and the libraries.

In keeping with the changing habits of our patrons, our catalog is accessible from both the dial-in lines and the “web”. Our website is used more each year, linking our patrons to other information sites of interest to our community.

The Numbers:

Main Library, Hillsboro, Ohio, with branches in Leesburg, Lynchburg, Greenfield.

County Population (estimated)  40,875
Circulation  503,869
Per capita circulation is  12.3 items.
System Circulation
Hillsboro 272,370  Approx. 54 % of total
Greenfield 91,689  Approx. 18 % of total
Lynchburg 70,019 Approx. 14 % of total
Leesburg  69,791 Approx. 14 % of total
Bookmobile * 9,577
Inter Library Loans (Loaned) 25,940
Inter Library Loans (Borrowed) 18,761


*Bookmobile service: We provide bookmobile service of 2 stops monthly at 10 locations in the southern third of the county where population is sparse. They circulated 9,577 items in 2001.

Outreach was provided to 640 residents at Laurels of Hillsboro, Heartland, and Highland House by Shirley Foster.

Interlibrary Loan services provided to us by Southeastern Ohio Regional Library System, provided by the State Library of Ohio and some of the SWORL libraries.

We own about 128,383 books and audio/visual materials.

We have added about 30,611 books in 2001.

We have a total of 26,389 registered borrowers. 18,577 are adults. 7,812 are juvenile. Over 15% live outside of Highland County.

Registered borrowers: 26,389  Hillsboro 14,935  Greenfield 5,888  Leesburg 2,237  Lynchburg 3,329

In-house Use: 40,149 Reference, investment items, newspapers, magazines,

Genealogy, books and computer patrons

Computer Use: 6,512 Databases visited,  6,386 Articles accessed

System Adult: 170 programs Attendance: 2,413
Children: 1,037 programs Attendance: 13,333
Other Locations: 9,826 25,572

Hillsboro Leesburg Branch

Adult: 18 programs 593
Children: 403 programs 4,524
Other Locations: 6,035

Adult: 94 programs 1,149
Children: 153 programs 2,400
Other Locations: 2,072

Greenfield Branch Lynchburg Branch

Adult: 30 programs 365
Children: 285 programs 4,462
Other Locations: 1,641

Adult: 28 programs 306
Children: 196 programs 1,947
Other Locations: 78

The Storytelling kits reached 10,694 children in 2001.


The year 2001 has been a very busy year in the Children’s Department at Hillsboro. Attendance at our 9 story hours per week has increased greatly for children ages 2 years through 7th grade. Our programs for 4th grade through 7th are called the “BAG Club”. The B-A-G stands for Books, Activities, and Games, which are enjoyed each week in various combinations.

In the library, we presented programs to over 4,500 children and our outreach programs to schools and pre-schools reached over 6,000. Children inside the library and out enjoyed staff members dressed as book characters on many occasions. Other visitors to our story hours were: John Salyer, who talked to the children about safety, Gerry Powell, a firefighter, and Hurd Latimer, a park ranger.

Joan Anderson and Betty Daugherty introduced our Summer Reading Club by visiting some pre-schools and all classrooms in the Hillsboro City Schools up through the sixth grade. Our Summer Reading Club was very successful with almost 1,000 children and teens signed up to read with us. Our circulation during the three summer months was over 19,300 books and magazines, a 35% increase over last summer. We were pleased to hear from several teachers that our summer programs helped children retain their reading skills during the summer.

Another program that we presented this year was Mother Goose Asks “Why?” From a LSTA Grant we received 15 Mother Goose Asks “Why?” kits. Each parent or care-giver was given a kit at the first workshop which would be used for 4 workshops. The kit contained 8 books and a science activity box to be used in experiments to stimulate scientific thinking in the children. Each week they used 2 books and did experiments answering the questions:  What is it? ; How do you do it? ; How many?; How does it grow?

The purpose of the program was to involve parents and care givers with children’s books, showing them that they can be used as other learning tools as well as reading.

We participated in Kindergarten Registration Night, Webster Community Showcase, and Washington Elementary Family Reading Night by setting up a display. National Bank and Trust invited us to display during their “Harvest Days” and present a story hour.

The ASTRA Club (high school students) put on 3 Harry Potter Nights for the second through seventh graders.

A. A. Milne’s birthday was celebrated in January with Winnie-the Pooh stories and giveaways, and Read Across America was celebrated on March 2nd with Dr. Seuss stories and games.

In April the children were surprised to see the staff dressed as children’s book characters during Children’s Book Week.

We had a fun and successful year getting books out to a lot of children. Our total circulation for the year was over 80,000 items, a 3% increase over 2000.

CHILDREN’S DEPT.: Joan Anderson, Tammy Skoufalos, Rosalind Engle, and Betty Daugherty.

ADULT DEPT.: Donna Stout, Anna Lou Chaney, Shirley Foster, Laura Waln, Jennifer Williams, Erma Gibbs, Mary Jane Kibler, Shelly Drinnon, Jennifer West, Vicki Carver, Donna O’Dom, Teresa Elmore, Pat DeLiz, and Melanie Hawk.



2001 has been a very busy and exciting year at the Greenfield Branch Library. Our circulation figures for the year were 91,689. Our busiest times of the year would have to be Summer Reading Program in June and July and our Season’s Reading Christmas Club in October through December.

The Summer Reading theme this year was “Where in the World are you Reading”. We had various local people present programs on Africa, England, Japan, the Philippines, and Hawaii.

This fall the library did a 4-part session entitled Mother Goose Asks “Why?”. Thanks to a grant provided by the State Library of Ohio, we were able to give all who participated a book bag and 10 books that the parents could keep to continue to teach science through picture books.

We have had an adult book discussion group for a couple of years and this year we added a teen book discussion group. The teens, grade 6-12, are enjoying these sessions.

We also have presented programs outside of the library doing presentations at the schools and Edgewood Manor.

Our YAB (Youth Advisory Board) teens presented several program this year. The largest was the “Clifford” performance on February 13. Around 200 children and adults enjoyed an evening of fun entertainment. The YAB group also presented programs with Franklin, Miss Spider, a Winnie the Pooh Birthday party, and Thanksgiving and Christmas performances. These teens also presented the Summer Reading Adventure to the elementary schools.

Through the Bill Gates Foundation, our library received 4 new computers fully loaded with children’s and adults programs, and are Internet accessible. Our patrons have really been enjoying these.

The businesses, schools, and people of Greenfield are generous, and really care about their community. They have all helped us with donations, programs and promotion. We enjoy working together as a team with our community to make it a better place to live.

Greenfield Staff: Margaret Magee, Branch Manager, Debbie Wise, Carol Walls, Vickie Everhart, Leone Bihl, Linda Fugate.



We try not to measure success at the library by the number of items checked out or the attendance at programs but by the number of lives touched because they have come to our library. Realistically though, we need monthly and annual reports to help us measure progress. In 2001 we checked out 63,9959 items at our branch and had 4,304 children and 1,311 adults attending our special programs.

One of our most memorable programs this past year came from our summer reading theme of “Where in the World Are You Reading?” We were thrilled to have so many participate in a “Food and Photos from around the World” afternoon at the library. We had participants bring in items of interest as well as photographs from their homeland or travels. Many also made a delicious national dish to share. We had displays on Italy, Spain, the Ukraine, China, Austria, the Holy Lands, India, and Bolivia. We have a local chef who found recipes from each country and directed the making of some delicious dishes. Our patrons gathered to look at the articles, photos, and taste the delicious foods. There was non-alcoholic sangria, gazpacho, a Rustic Cheese Pie from Australia, honey bread from Bolivia, Grilled Chicken Pesto Penne Salad, and Pyorgies. This program was exciting, delicious, entertaining and yes…even educational.

We had a suitcase story of the North and South poles as an evening family program. Tish from Dayton Public Library gave a great presentation of her trips.

We held 2 Pysanky Egg demonstrations where the age old art of dyeing intricately waxed eggs were given. We were also able to display these lovely creations for a month in our glass showcase.

Thanks to a wonderful grant we were able to host 5 special programs for preschool caregivers entitled Mother Goose Asks “Why?” Each week we explored different areas of science and how to use picture books from the library to encourage young minds to ask questions and explore their environment. The participants received a sturdy cloth book bag and 9 free books if they attended 4 out of 5 sessions.

Summer Reading was kicked off in style with Anno the clown and then closed by Clownamania. We had 243 children reading this summer, plus 43 teens. 326 children attended summer programs and 172 adults came to programs held this summer in the library.

On the 3rd of July we honored our American veterans with a special program and beautifully decorated flag cakes were served afterwards!

In the fall we held a 6 week class on investing that was well received.

In conjunction with the Lions Club we held a diabetic screening. We had a great open house on Luminaria night also sponsored by the Lions Club. The crowned King and Queen came to the library for pictures. The townspeople take time to visit with friends and neighbors as they walk through the beautifully illuminated streets stopping in to register for free gifts and taste the delicious foods prepared especially for our visitors.

Our Home School Club hosted a fantastically decorated Harry Potter party to coincide with the new movie. They really outdid themselves with crafts, food, decorations and games.

Santa Claus visited the library twice this holiday, once for pictures with Santa using a great fireplace living room set the Home School Club painted. The “Fireplace” was used as a backdrop twice - once for stories with Santa and once for pictures with Santa.

We have regularly scheduled storytimes for 6 months to 4th grade plus an active adult reading group that meets each month for lively discussions. We host the local Wednesday Club and an Investment club as well as tutoring.

Local chef Betsy Harper did a chocolate-dipping demonstration last Valentine’s Day to celebrate the chocolate lover in all of us!

We work with local schools in their Ohio Reads program as well as a special Radical Reader’s group that encourages parents and children to come to the library together once a week.

Helping others love reading as much as we do makes all of these efforts rewarding!

Leesburg Staff: Carol Gustin, Branch Manager, Erin Williamson, Rebecca Howard, and Louise McKamey, Shirley Fetters, Laura Gilliam, and Patsy Bishop.



In 2001, the Lynchburg Branch expanded its role in the community by increasing cooperative efforts with other agencies:

We hosted meetings for the Lynchburg Historical Society and co-sponsored community events with them, such as a reception for local artist and author Glenn Aber and a Veteran’s Night/Oral History program in which interviews with local veterans were recorded for future generations. The video resulting from this Oral History program will be made available for checkout at the library, and a written transcription is also planned.

The library’s meeting room was used for other community clubs such as the Pieceful Stitcher’s Quilt Club and the Youth for Justice Club.

OSU Extension agents Dawna Jo Kiesling and Rose Fisher-Merkowitz presented monthly nutrition programs and a baby-sitting tips program for young adults.

A staff member visited the Belfast Head Start twice monthly during the school year to present storytimes on themes coinciding with their curriculum. In May, our Volunteens group collected 195 books to donate to the Belfast Head Start.

During Right-to-Read Week, a library staffer presented a storytime to a Lynchburg Elementary first-grade class, and in October, six kindergarten classes were bussed to the library for a special community field trip day that also included the post office and the firehouse. For the second year, we cooperated with the schools in providing the Radical Readers Club for children who want to earn prizes as they brush up on their reading skills. Forty children are enrolled in this program, which requires regular public library visits.

The library was proud to dedicate the new Evelyn Patton Genealogy and Local History Collection on September 25, 2001. This collection honors the memory of a longtime and beloved community member who passed away in 1999. Ms. Patton was a branch manager at Lynchburg for some time, and continued to answer staff questions about local history after her retirement. The public and Ms. Patton’s family members were invited to the dedication, and about forty people were in attendance.

Local Scout troops and 4-H groups came to the library for tours or to place special displays in the library’s display case. In addition to these, twelve private collections belonging to patrons were displayed.

The Lynchburg Staff once again appeared in the annual Covered Bridge Festival Parade in August. This year, our float theme was “The Wizard of Oz”. Together with the Lynchburg Historical Society, we presented the Ohio River Minstrels performing their “America’s Railroad Heritage” program during the Christmas in the Village weekend in December.


Another exciting development this year was receiving a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grant, which enabled us to purchase five new computers with Internet access and a new printer for the library. The Foundation also gave us a high-quality color printer, also for use by the public.

Highlights of teen programming in 2002 included making tie-dyed socks, cookie decorating, snowman pins, and Lunch and Listen, Volun-teens, several contests, game nights, and much more. We would like to thank the members of the 3 Arts Club for their funding of out teen programming. Eight family programs were also offered, including a visit from Franklin the Turtle and a Scooby Snacks contest. Adults enjoyed programs on “De-Cluttering Your Life”, the International Buffet, and an English Christmas Tea, as well as various contests, crafts, and computer classes.

Lynchburg Staff: Elaine Williams, Branch Manager/Youth Librarian, Rosemary McLarty, Carol Frost, and Vicki Carver.


The Programs:

Dawna Jo Kiesling of the OSU Extension Office continues to present Family Nutrition Programs, booth-style in each of our libraries each month. She offers new ideas, recipes and samples of nutritious foods and snacks to all who attend the library that morning or afternoon. This program is well-received and the staff also look forward to her visits.

The AARP provided volunteer income tax advisors to the elderly and low-income families at each of our branches during February and March.


Black History Month Program; Sue Frump, Dulcimer Program; Deborah Cook, Gingerbread Houses; Lisa Bauer, Broker and Financial Advisor Investment Seminars; Kathryn Hapner, Seminar on Senior’s Investment and Financial Planning; Harold Hottle , World War II experiences; Kristen Stangle, Mother/Daughter Beauty Makeovers; Melvin “Dusty” Rhoades, Fishing Lure “Chat”; Susan Gingerich as the Herb Lady; Jane McKown, Tatting Demonstration; Raeann Tombaugh, Bead Workshop, the “Bookies” monthly book discussion group, Art & Pallette Club demonstration day, “Meet the Author” book signings.


Book discussion group, Africa, England, Philippines, Gold Buckeye registration, Senior Citizens Mornings, visit by local author Frank Hedges.


The Investment Club, the Wednesday Club, the “Read, Relax and Review” reading group; Eric Matthews; Investment class; Aerobics classes; Betsy Harper, chocolate dipping demonstration; Janeen Deatly, Financial Aid workshop; craft class on painting flowerpots; Ukrainian Pysanky Egg workshop; Eating Disorders support group; Veteran program; Mower Maintenance program; Christmas Luminaria evening; International Food and Photo Fair.


Reception for local artist and author Glenn Aber, a Veteran’s Night/Oral History program, the Pieceful Stitcher’s Quilt Club, presentations by OSU Extension agents Dawna Jo Kiesling and Rose Fisher-Merkowitz on nutrition and a baby-sitting program for young adults, the Ohio River Minstrels “America’s Railroad Heritage” program, “De-Cluttering Your Life”, the International Buffet and Cookbook Exchange, an English Christmas Tea., computer programs, Mountain Mist dulcimer contest, “Where in the World?” geography contest, “Seven Herbs and How to Grow Them” program, Pet Peeve contest, Famous Lovers Contest, “Make Two Easy Quilt Blocks” class, and Flower Identification contest.


Deborah Hook ; Elaine Balsey ; Linda Girouard ; Jennifer Williams, Nancy Green and photography students; Jane McCullough


HILLSBORO: African-American Research Council – Black History Month, Roy Rogers memorabilia, and others.

GREENFIELD: “Countries of the World” display for the summer reading program. Items were provided by staff and patrons.

LEESBURG: Precious Moment figurines, Beanie Babies, antique valentines, Ireland trip memorabilia, Pysanky eggs, toy tractors, Barbie collector dolls, sports cards and autographed pictures, U. S. Marine Corp. memorabilia, shore birds, and a nutcracker collection.

LYNCHBURG: Heavy Equipment toys, Historical Valentines, Baskets, Dolphin candlesticks, Lighthouses, Russian memorabilia, Porcelain collection, figurines, English Royalty memorabilia, Boats, Dolls, and Santa figures.


We presented local authors Brenda Bradds, Elmer Williams, Frank Hedges, Glenn Aber, and Carol Cartaino at the Highland County District Library for a “Meet the Author” book signing. Mr. Williams also appeared at the library’s booth at the Highland County fair. James B. Cash appeared at the Hillsboro library. Lynchburg Branch Library held a reception for local artist and author Glenn Aber.


December 5, 2001

The Staff In-service day was held on December 5, 2001 at the Hillsboro library. Staff members from the Highland County District Library spent the day in training. Donna Stout and Anna Lou Chaney received awards for 15 years of service. (Other awards were presented to individual staff members.)

Charlotte Henry of American Tool, Wilmington, who spoke on work personalities.
Brenda Fisher who arranged for a demonstration of the new Gates color printer.

Gifts – 2001

Kathy R. Borah donated $50.00 in memory of Mrs. Harriet Wilson. Brother Bob Wickline donated copies of “A Preacher’s Poetic Praise”. Steven L. Smith donated $25.00 in memory of Ruth Larrick Franklin. Hannah S. O’Malley donated $50.00 in memory of Mrs. Helen C. Satterfield. McCarty Associates donated $50.00 in memory of Mrs. Helen C. Satterfield. Joyce McGee donated $20.00 in memory of Mrs. Helen C. Satterfield. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Barney donated $5.00 in memory of Mrs. Helen C. Satterfield. Lenora Gordon donated $20.00 in memory of Mrs. Helen C. Satterfield. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Hiestand donated $5.00 in memory of Mrs. Helen C. Satterfield. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Larkin donated $25.00 in memory of Mrs. Helen C. Satterfield. Jane Van Pelt donated $25.00 in memory of Mrs. Helen C. Satterfield. Warren G. and Jean Ann Malicoat donated a copy of “The Life and Letters of Caspar W. Collins”. Donnie and Rosilee Milburn donated $20.00 in memory of Mrs. Helen C. Satterfield. Mr. and Mrs. Hans Palmer donated $100.00 in memory of Mrs. Helen C. Satterfield. Mr. and Mrs. John Crouse donated a copy of “The Illustrated History of Art” in memory of Mrs. Helen C. Satterfield. Mr. and Mrs. John Crouse donated copies of “First Loves” and “The Invisible Ladder” in memory of Mrs. Harriet Wilson. The Esoteric Club donated a copy of “The Element of Lavishness” in memory of Mrs. Harriet Wilson. William York donated a copy of “Love, Labor and Laughter”. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Wilson donated a collection of books. New Sabina Industries donated $500.00 in support of the Summer Reading Program. Christians As Responsible Educators donated a series of compacts discs. Mrs. Pat Roeller donated a collection of genealogy and local books in memory of her mother, Mrs. Evelyn Patton to the Lynchburg Branch Library. Dr. Philip Wilson donated a copy of his book, “Inspired Innovations”. Henry Burke and Dick Croy donated a copy of their book, “The River Jordan”. Wendy Royse made a donation in memory of Nancy Long. Doris Starr and Janet Minton donated $50.00 in memory of Mrs. Ruth Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. David Doty donated $50.00 in memory of Mrs. Ruth Anderson. Rose and Joseph Lukens donated $50.00 in memory of Mrs. Ruth Anderson. Fraternal Order of Eagles Auxiliary #1161 of Hillsboro donated $500.00 for the purchase of large print books.   

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