Annual Report 2007




Hillsboro,  Greenfield, Leesburg and Lynchburg

Highland County District Library
10 Willettsville Pike
Hillsboro, Ohio 45133
FAX: 937-393-2985



Fred Yochum, President
Jeff Cloud, Vice President
Margaret Hudson, Secretary
Stephen Hunter
Sara Lukens
Craig Turner
Gary West
Jennifer West, Director
Emily Evans, Clerk-Treasurer
Margaret Magee, Greenfield Branch Manager
Sharon Aukeman, Leesburg Branch Manager
Elaine Williams, Lynchburg Branch Manager





Highland County District Library
Annual Report 2007


2007 was an interesting year for the Highland County District Library!  In the spring of 2007 we received word that SIRSI/Dynix was going to stop improving the circulation software we had purchased from them.  They would continue to support the product for several years but we, and the rest of the libraries on the SEO consortium, will eventually need to move to another system.  As the Horizon circulation system has never worked as well as expected, this is not entirely bad news.  The State Library of Ohio is encouraging us to look at "open source" software.  Brenda Fisher, Computer Services Librarian, and I have been to presentations of two existing systems, the Nelsonville Public Library System in Ohio and the PINES system in Georgia.  While we liked some of what we saw, and there are definite pros to "open source", this is not a decision we can or would want to make on our own so we'll be investigating the options for some time.  Fortunately we have that time.

     The State Library of Ohio is encouraging the different types of libraries in the state to prepare for what is being called "the next generation" of their Statewide Library Resource Sharing Initiative.  In its widest application, this would allow an Ohio resident with a library card from any library to use the resources of all other libraries.  I have attended meetings on this topic for some years and while it is still in the discussion stage, it is good to know the idea of working together is attractive to so many.

     While we look forward to a new library building located closer to where the Hillsboro City Schools will be moving to, we are mindful we might be at the Willettsville Pike location for a few more years.  When the Hillsboro schools do move in 2009 we will get relief from the "2:20 p.m. jam" that occurs on school days.  If we would be able to continue to park next door, and use the cafeteria for some programs, that would help with the congestion.  We were able to use the cafeteria for part of the Hillsboro "Merry Money" shop and the additional space and parking made it much easier for us to set up and display and for the families to find parking.

     The Hillsboro meeting room is used for library story times and programs (antique programs, sign language classes, writing groups for adults and teenagers), as well as by local organizations (the American Association of University Women, the local Daughters of the American Revolution chapter, the Hillsboro Education Association, the Ohio Department of Insurance, the Ohio Virtual Academy, Children's Hunger Alliance, Child Care Resource Network, and the Society for Children and Adults).

     In the past the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) has scheduled the Hillsboro meeting room as a testing space for their students each spring.  In January 2008 ECOT nicely informed us they would not be using our room as it was too small and they needed something larger.  While ECOT itself is not a local organization, having the testing done in the meeting room did bring local students and their families into the building, which might have been a new experience for them.

     There have been requests for a library building out at the Rocky Form Lake area.  Possibly we could have an outreach effort similar to the children's department visits to Head Start, if the community could provide a building in the area.  Our own library buildings require continual maintenance from roofing concerns to vandalism and theft.

     In the circulation chart [linked to below] for the years 1991 to 2007, it can be seen how the system's circulation has grown.  While the circulation of the three branches has increased, the Hillsboro library's circulation has been half or more of the total.  This indicates the significance of the Hillsboro library as the hub of the Highland County District Library.




    Technology is affecting much of what we do.  The public relies on the public library to provide them with computers and Internet access.  Our computers were used 50,347 times in 2007, a 20.6% increase over 41,739 times in 2006.  The wireless pilot at the Greenfield branch went "live" on December 13, 2007, and is being used by the public although we do not have any statistics yet.  If the pilot goes well, Brenda Fisher will research expanding wireless access to the other buildings. 

    Funding remains a real concern for libraries, schools and local government.  Ohio's budget for 2008-2009 will change the way public libraries receive funding.  Beginning in January 2008 we will receive our share through 2.2% of the state's general revenue tax.  In the past, we had received our funding based on the personal income tax, so this broadens the funding base and provides an opportunity for growth in the public library funding.  The first distribution of the Library and Local Government Support Fund under this new revenue source shows an increase for the first time in 6 years.  The Ohio Library Council will be working with us on how to make budget projections for the coming year. 

    When economic times are hard for the public, the public libraries become much busier. We help people applying for jobs online, keeping in touch with their families and friends. Locate materials and research health concerns.  The public expects much and we try to provide the services, equipment and assistance they need and want.  Improved Internet access outside of the Hillsboro and Greenfield areas would tie into this.

     I will be working with a local group of librarians and educators who plan to invite Bill Gates to visit us in southern Ohio and ask him for some kind of assistance in providing affordable and reliable high speed Internet access to the rural areas.  Hard-wired broadband access through the phone companies or cable is not available outside of our city areas.  Satellite access would be much better than dial-up but it's much more expensive than DSL or cable.  Many services from the web are not really very usable for dial-up customers, including, unfortunately, the download of our digital audio books. The lack of high speed access impedes their access to information resources. 

    We also hope to work with Governor Strickland's recently-launched "Connect Ohio", a public-private partnership to help expand broadband services across Ohio.  In its full implementation, all Ohio's citizens, businesses, governments, schools, and other entities would have access to broadband services in order to ensure Ohio's competitiveness in the global market. 

Our circulation took a slight dip of 29,683 items (4.3%) from the 2006 circulation figures.  This is the result of the change in the way we checked out audio books starting in October 2006.  Instead of counting each individual cassette or CD as 1 circulation, we began counting the entire item as 1 circulation.  This had an impact on our total circulation figures. 

Our in-service day was held on September 17 at the Greenfield Branch.  Jay Burton from the State Library returned to hold a reference database refresher.  Jay always gives an enthusiastic presentation and the seven staff members who attended, mostly new hires, were amazed at the amount of information available.

     Carol Gustin retired after 13 years as Leesburg Branch Manager.  Sharon Aukeman, who was working at the Greenfield Branch Library, has moved over to take Carol's place.  We thank Carol and wish her well and welcome Sharon who has brought a great deal of enthusiasm and management experience to the position.

     The library staff continues to be a great asset in the library's daily operations and in serving the community.  I appreciate their support, experience and enthusiasm.  I appreciate the library board's support, particularly in the past year when I became director.  I am looking forward to the challenges and opportunities in 2008 and beyond!



County Population (estimated):  42,833

 Circulation:  651,521

 Per capita circulation is 15 items.

 Registered Borrowers:

 Adults : 24,246
Juvenile: 6,927
Total : 31,173
Equals 73% of Highland County's population


System Circulation:

 Hillsboro: 327,964    Approx. 50% of total
Greenfield: 157,375    Approx. 24% of total
Leesburg:  78,207    Approx. 12% of total
Lynchburg: 87,975    Approx. 14% of total
Total:  651,521


Highland County District Library, as member of the SEO Library System, shipped 137,483 items among other libraries in the system during 2007, a decrease of 6.9% from 2006.  This count includes books shipped among the four Highland County libraries as well.

 Average library attendance in a Typical Week:  4,752

 Average Reference Transactions in a Typical Week:  213

 Average Directional Transactions in a Typical Week: 790

 Computer Use:

  4,390 - Searches done in EBSCO and OPLIN databases
 2,585 - Articles accessed
659 - Pages retrieved in Automobile Repair Reference
10,425 - Searches done in Heritage Quest
19,179 - Citations/Abstracts retrieved

 3,543 - Average website visits per week,

  or 184,236 for the entire year, a 15% increase over 2006




Hillsboro Greenfield Leesburg Lynchburg
73 Adult Programs
645 Attendance
244 Juvenile Programs
2,738 Attendance

Other Locations
4,197 Attendance
317  Programs 7,580 Attendance
113 Adult Programs
1,658 Attendance
155 Juvenile Programs
3,470 Attendance

Other Locations
4,199 Attendance
268  Programs
9,327 Attendance
95 Adult Programs
876 Attendance
131 Juvenile Programs
4,236 Attendance

Other Locations :
1,045 Attendance
226 Programs
6,157 Attendance
98 Adult Programs
984 Attendance
164 Juvenile Programs
1,509 Attendance

Other Locations
1,066 Attendance
262  Programs
3,559 Attendance
System Totals:
379 Adult Programs
4,163 Attendance
694 Juvenile Programs
11,953 Attendance
Other Locations
10,507 Attendance


The Storytelling kits reached over 5,000 children in 2007.

 Outreach was provided to 621 elderly or disabled residents at Laurels of Hillsboro, Heartland, Highland House and Crestwood nursing homes by Shirley Foster, outreach librarian.  Shirley won second place in the Midwest Region of Positive Promotions' 2007 "I Make a Difference" Volunteer of the Year contest.  Shirley often makes her visits in costume, and the staff of the Crestwood Care Center was so taken with her appearance as "Minnie Pearl" that they entered her in the contest. 



Written by Joan Cockerill


The year 2007 was another busy and fun-filled year in the children’s department.  We continue to offer a variety of programs for children – lap babies through 12 years old.  Each week, children 2 through 5 years old enjoyed story times with stories, finger plays, songs, and crafts.  Lap babies were also welcomed into our 2 and 3 year old story times.  Our 6 – 10 year old story times include stories, games and crafts.  Once a month we have a special project for our B.A.G. Club who are from 8 – 12 years old.  We have 5 story times scheduled each week with added story times scheduled at the convenience of visiting classes.  We also have a special themed story time for 2 – 6 year olds once a month with Miss Colleen.  Miss Colleen does our 2 & 3 year old story times and Betty Daugherty and Faye Thompson do our 3 – 5 year old story times.  Betty also does our 6 -10 year olds, our B.A.G. Club and our outreach story times, which she does each month.  Miss Colleen also started a once a month Saturday morning story time this year. 

We presented 244 programs and story times in the library in 2007 which over 2,700 children attended.  Our outreach programs were given to over 1,600 children. 

Visitors to story times were: 

Dawna Jo Kiesling, a nutritionist, presented 2 programs to the children on eating healthy and gave out recipes and healthy snacks. 

Melanie Phillips, a nurse, read to the children about germs.  After washing their hands, the children put their hands under a black light to see how clean they were.  Everyone was amazed at how even after washing their hands, there could still be germs. 

Hurd Latimer, a park ranger, talked to the children about animals in the wild.  He    brought animal tracks and animal sounds for the children to guess. 

Ronda Friend, a children’s author with local ties, presented a wonderful program from her books about growing up on a farm in Ohio. 

The Penningtons kicked off our Summer Reading Club with a great magic program.  They involved the children in some of the magic tricks and each child was given an animal balloon to take home. 

In January, we started the New Year with stories about winter, and the B.A.G. Club made a Snowman Foil Hanger.  The 2-6 year olds special theme was a Winter Party.  They even enjoyed a snowball fight.

 In February, the B.A.G. Club celebrated Valentine’s Day by making gingerbread houses.  The 2-6 year old Valentine Party was cancelled due to snow. 

We celebrated with a birthday party for The Cat in the Hat’s 50th birthday in March.  The children made Cat in the Hat hats, heard stories, played games, did crafts and registered for prizes that were given away.  The B.A.G. Club made bird feeders and the 2-6 year olds had a Windy Celebrations with lots of stories about wind and kites. 

National Library Week was celebrated in April with special library stories, activities, and book giveaways.  The B.A.G. Club made Wind Chimes and the 2-6 year olds celebrated National Library Week with a Library Party. 

May was a busy month getting ready for the Summer Reading Club.  We visited and passed out information to Bright Local School, Highland County Christian School, St. Mary’s Catholic School, Hillsboro preschools and all the classrooms, sixth grade and younger, in the Hillsboro School System.  The B.A.G. Club Created a Bug and had gummy bugs for a snack.   The 2-6 year olds had a Buggy Blast and read about a lot of different bugs.  Miss Colleen also started her Saturday morning story times with a pet show.  Everyone was invited to bring in their favorite stuffed pet.  They had a parade and each child received a ribbon for their “pet”. The theme for our Summer Reading Club was “Get a Clue at Your Library” and our kick-off was a Magic Show with Mr. and Mrs. Pennington.  They had some of the children participate in their “magic” and gave each child a balloon animal to take home.

 In June, our story times covered a wide range of subjects some with a mystery theme.  Our B.A.G. Club held a Mother Goose Mystery Party, and the 2-6 year olds had a very popular Curious George Night.  The Saturday morning story time had a Wolf Party with interesting wolf facts.  At one story time, the children made animals out of fingerprints, and also that night the children could be fingerprinted if the parents wanted it done.

 In July, the B.A.G. Club held a “Who dunnit?” night and the 2-6 year olds spend a fun evening with Dora the Explorer.  The Saturday morning story time was a Berenstain Bears Party.

 Over 660 children signed up to read with us during our Summer Reading Club, which continued through June and July.  We concluded the program with children enjoying games, and crafts on “Game Night”  


In September we celebrated “Library Card Month” by giving a new book to each child that got his or her first library card.


 October brought harvest celebrations and lots of stories about pumpkins.  The B.A.G. Club’s theme was “Eat a Bug” with another gummy bug snack.  Spongebob Squarepants was the Saturday morning story time theme and the 2-6 year olds had a scarecrow party.  October also started our second “Merry Money Club”.  The children signed up to read through October and November and received “library money” for the time they read, to be spent at our Library Christmas Store in December.


In October, the Astra students from the high school presented a pirate party for all ages.  There were crafts, trivia, and their pirate skills were tested.

 A Harvest party was our November Saturday morning story time, and the B.A.G. Club made a fall craft.  The 2-6 year olds had a PJ Party and wore their pajamas.  We celebrated National Children’s Book Week with library stories and 2 name the book character contests.  Children attending story times during Children’s Book Week received a free book    

 The Library Christmas Store was open on the first Saturday in December and then on Monday and Tuesday evenings of the following week.  The children had an exciting time “shopping” for parents, teachers, grandparents, and siblings.  We had 298 children sign up to read with us and they collected over $4,200.  After the shopping was done, all the money had been redeemed except for $31.  The B.A.G. Club made reindeer ornaments and the special themed story time had a gingerbread babies evening.

 During 2007, 255 of our teacher storytelling kits were checked out and were shared with over 5,000 children.

 We had a variety of passive programs for the children with over 7,600 children participating.




Written by Margaret Magee


2007 at the Greenfield Branch Library was a very busy but a really great year!  Ours statistics show a circulation of 157,375.  We presented 268 programs for children, teens, and adults with an attendance of 9,327. 

Our adult programs included the WCET Ready to Learn workshops for preschool parents and caregivers; the Bookworms adult book discussion group; Beginning and Internet computer classes; monthly health screenings provided by Edgewood Manor; monthly Stroke Support Group, Greenfield Area Medical Center; monthly Adult Craft Club led by Vicki Strain did such projects as scrap booking, recipe cards, beaded bracelets, crochet rug, chocolate creations, gingerbread houses, and a fall tea; Perennial exchange; Book Sales; Summer Reading contests; CPR classes presented by Debbie Hensley; 2 Job fairs presented by Remedy, I-Force, and Accel; Dr. Eric Borsini's classes on a healthy lifestyle; monthly Senior Citizen's Library Mornings; Teacher Appreciation Breakfast; Master Gardener program; Tax Aide by AARP; A Visit to China, Susan Gingerich; Digital cameras, Butch Peabody; Weight Loss, Susan Gingerich; Highland County Commissioners info meeting, Gary Heaton; YMCA, Terry Mull; Spring Hat Tea, Kaye York-Longworth; Summer Reading Kick-off Cook-out; Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health program; Paranormal Scientific Investigators, Donnie Shepherd & Mark Stewart; Highland County's Jesse James, Robert McKimmie, Ralph VanZant; Small Antiques Contest, Neil Brewer; Antique Valuation, Jeanne Read; Teresa Slack, Author visit; Chautauqua programs; Greenfield Police presentation, Canine Unit & fingerprinting; Ebay, Larry Chapman; Grandparent's Day program; Art Classes, Diana Hisey; Horse Training, Jerry Lee Parker; Habitat for Humanity, Barb Cole.


Our teen YAB group had a busy year.  They got together to plan children and teen events.  They helped with children's library camp in the summer, they also presented programs for children, and also presented a skit at the elementary school to promote Summer Reading – "Get a Clue @ Your Library", and teen game and movie afternoons. 

Children had lots of programming as well.  There are 3 story times each week for ages 2 to Grade 6 and Head Start story times.  The Summer Reading program had a total of 336 registered, "Catch the Reading Wave" promotion that had 120 participating, and Season Readings Christmas Club that had 130 participants are the most popular.  We had a yearly attendance of 647 Head Start children attend story hours.   We gave tours and programs for school classes, 4-H, Scout troops, preschool and clubs.  We also had a Library Summer Camp, Summer Reading Adventure Swim party, Kid's Craft Club and the Christmas Gift Shop. 

We have worked with many local agencies to provide more and better services.  These include Paint Creek Family Physicians, Edgewood Manor, Hearth 'N Care, Greenfield Area Medical Center, City of Greenfield, Community Action, Concerned Veterans of Greenfield, Head Start, Ohio Division of Water Safety, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Highland County Board of Elections, CARE Chiropractic, Rotary Club, Lion's Club, Greenfield Area Merchants Association, Bureau of Workers Comp, Highland County Commissioners, Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health, Greenfield Police Department, Greenfield Soccer Association, and others. 

We received a grant for Summer Reading from the Pamida Foundation.  We also received donations from many local businesses and clubs including: VFW Post 4736, Greenfield Rotary Club, Altrusa, The Letter Shop, New Sabina Industries, Greenfield Research, Waddells, McDonalds, Buckeye Hills, Robbins Village Florist, Subway, Jett's Pro Embroidery, KFC/Taco Bell, Under's Market, Stuck on Scrappin', Domino's, Star Cinema, Who's Place, Design One, Magic Waters Theatre, Geico, Karen Wilson, Diana Baker, and other patron gifts. 

There were many wonderful displays in our showcase this year.  Evelyn Jacobs' quilts, Melinda Kessler's lighted churches, Kaye York-Longworth's hats, a Tribute to mothers by the Greenfield Mother's Club, Greenfield's old schools by the Greenfield Historical Society, Judy Schmidt's Golden Storybooks, Linda Parrish's cat collection, Christmas collections by the Greenfield Library staff.  Other displays included a Chautauqua display, Head Start's "Week of the Child" art, and an art display by the library art class taught by Diana Hisey. 

Our community room has been in continual use this year.  Besides all of our library programming, many community groups have used the room for their meetings. 

It has been a very busy and exciting year.  A great staff, wonderful patrons, and a caring community all work together to make a tremendous team to enhance our community.  I can't wait to see what 2008 will bring!




Written by Sharon Aukeman 

Alvin Toffler suggests that “change is not merely necessary to life—it is life.”  The Leesburg Branch Library experienced a major change in 2007.  Carol Gustin retired in June after serving the community of Leesburg as the branch manager for approximately thirteen years. nbsp; Carol’s retirement party here at the library was well attended by her family, friends, library co-workers and the many patrons Carol assisted during her years here.  Although change can be difficult, the community of Leesburg has been extremely gracious in accepting my appointment (and me!) as the new branch manager as well as some of the changes that have been made throughout the library since my arrival.  It has been a pleasure getting to know the patrons here and assisting them with their reading, reference, and other informational needs.  I look forward to many years of service here at the Leesburg Branch. 

We also have another new staff member, Myrna Reno.  Myrna is the Talented and Gifted teacher at Fairfield Schools.  She is energetic and knowledgeable and enjoys seeing her students using the library facility. 

We held numerous adult programs in 2007.  The “herb lady”, Susan Gingerich, presented 3 programs throughout the year.  We also had a Chocolate Tasting for Valentine’s Day, a Library Antique Road Show, Ghost Hunters from the Southern Ohio Paranormal Research organization, a Veteran’s Day Appreciation Program, and a Christmas Cookie Exchange.  Our adults participated in their own Summer Reading Program with prizes won and great books read. 

This year proved to be quite busy for our kids’ and their programs.  Besides our weekly story times for Wee Ones (ages 6-36 months) and Tater Tots (3-5 yrs) we had a very successful Summer Reading Program, Get a Clue About Your Library.  As part of the summer reading event, we hosted several “Get a Clue about Wildlife” programs which included bats, mammals, reptiles, owls and other birds of prey.  A local veterinarian also presented “Get a Clue About your Pets”.  Our kick-off event was the Reptile show and our program closed with a visit from Ronald McDonald.  Ronda Friend, children’s author and storyteller also visited us during the summer reading program festivities.  We appreciated the Leesburg Fire Department visiting during Fire Safety Week and local resident Mr. Leach who shared his rabbits with the children during Easter week. 

This was our second year of participation in “Merry Money”.  We had an increase in the number of children who signed up and completed the program.  Children had their own personal elves (teen volunteers and staff) assist them in making their purchases in our Christmas Store on shopping day while their parents were able to peruse the library and enjoy refreshments.  While children waited, they were able to watch Christmas videos, color Christmas pictures and, of course, read Christmas books! 

Our teen readers had the opportunity to participate in their own Summer Reading Program, You Never Know at Your Library.  We are striving to make our teen reading area more attractive to our area teens.  We also held a “New Card” contest to encourage teens to utilize our services and resources. 

We feel that the Leesburg Branch Library is an integral member of the Leesburg community; therefore, we continue to work with local organizations to provide services and information and/or fun and fellowship.  Some of our community outreach programs this year include Gary Heaton (county commissioner), Health Screening for seniors, Child ID Kits, Computer Education Classes, Teacher Outreach (at the beginning of the school year), Area Council on Aging, the Highland County Fair, Trick or Treat, and Leesburg Luminaria celebration. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many area businesses and patrons who have assisted us in funding some of our programs and incentives through contributions and donations.  We are grateful to them for their continuous support.  We would also like to thank those patrons who have shared their “collections” with us and the community via our display case.  Some of those displays included antique toys, Wizard of Oz, Scooby Doo, Campbell Soup, and handmade aprons/antique kitchen ware. 

Our community room is used by many local organizations including, but not limited to the Retired Teachers, Wednesday Club, Red Hat Club, Folk Fair committee, Girl Scouts and the community Soccer Club.  Our book discussion group, RRRR also uses the community room every Thursday afternoon. 

I have found my first six months here at Leesburg to be exciting, challenging and busy!  I feel blessed to have such hard-working and enthusiastic staff members as well as respectful and supportive patrons and am looking forward to serving the Leesburg community in 2008. 



Written by Elaine Williams

             The Lynchburg Branch began the year with story times for all ages and a strong continuation of our weekly adult programs, such as the Pageturners Book Club, Knit-n-Stitch, and ScrapBookers.  Special programs for February included a Red Hat Reception, Trivial Pursuit for Book Lovers, and visits to the Lynchburg-Clay Elementary first grade classes to promote getting library cards.  Miss Sawzin’s class won a pizza party for reaching the goal of 100% participation – every student in the class got a library card!

             The fun continued in March with a Truth or Dare program for youth (example:  Riverdance in front of the library desk) and a Pickin’ Party, which was a musical jam session for anyone who could play an instrument or sing.  Elaine attended a Summer Reading Workshop and a National Library Week planning session in March.  April was a busy month.  We reached out to the community with a Girl Scout tour and an off-site visit to a local 4-H club, and made the meeting room available for a job fair.  We also offered our first-ever Story time for Grownups! 

            In May, we celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the release of STAR WARS with a special display of memorabilia and books, and a lively game of STAR WARS Trivial Pursuit, with eleven fans in attendance.  The school year closed with twenty-four kids and parents attending our outdoor sidewalk chalk art program – complete with popsicles.  We visited 665 children at the elementary school to promote the upcoming summer reading club.  Two staff members attended a workshop on how to preserve and repair library materials.

             Our summer reading theme for 2007 was one of the most popular ever:  GET A CLUE AT YOUR LIBRARY!  For this mysterious theme, we offered programs on Fingerprinting Fun, Disappearing Inks, Nancy Drew: A History, a Spy Kit Scavenger Hunt, a magic show, Secret Sign Language, a Spy School, reading clubs for children, teens, and adults; and a special series of Radio Mysteries for adults.  Attendees for the radio shows sat in a darkened room with a single light by an old-fashioned radio (made by two of our Volunteens) and listened to old programs such as Inner Sanctum and The Shadow. 

  In August and September, staff members Rosemary McLarty and Elaine Williams celebrated their 11th and 10th years (respectively) as part of the Lynchburg Branch team.  Although we bid a fond farewell to Darlene Colliver at the end of summer reading, we are proud to welcome new team member Jean Bush to the Lynchburg staff.  Jean is a hard worker and brings her organizational skills to our busy workplace.  We’re glad to have you, Jean! 

            Fall programming highlights at Lynchburg include a second visit from popular Christian author Teresa Slack, a Pirate Party for children, special programs for Teen Read Week, a Dream Workshop, computer classes, and a record attendance at our Tenth Annual Christmas Tea.  Librarian Elaine Williams attended training on the national literacy initiative “YOUR CHILD READY TO READ,” and she plans to pass the information along to parents and caregivers starting in January 2008.  She also attended a management workshop.  Two other staff members attended database and other reference training; this will help the staff provide more excellent reference service to our patrons. 

            In December, our second annual Merry Money program allowed children ages 3 to 5th grade a chance to earn “Book Bucks” through reading.  129 children and parents attended our Merry Money Christmas Shop, where they spent $1960 in Book Bucks on Christmas presents for their families and friends.  This figure represents 980 hours of reading (or being read to) by Lynchburg children! 

            We also increased our visits to schools in 2007.  In addition to the first grade visits earlier in the year, library staff visited the Belfast Head Start several times, presented a unit to L-C Elementary third grade classes on Lynchburg:  Then and Now, and spoke to 92 teens and teachers at L-C High School during Teen Read Week.

 We hope to continue these contacts and many more in the New Year.  Thanks to all of our donors, patrons, supporters, and administration for a great 2007!           


Lynchburg Staff:  Elaine Williams, Branch Manager/Youth Librarian; Beverly Wilkin, Carol Frost, Debi Dillon, Jean Bush, Rosemary McLarty.



The Programs:

HILLSBORO ADULT PROGRAMS:  Computer classes (held at the Highland County Senior Citizen Center); Black History Month program honoring the Black Churches of Highland County; Jeanne Read, "Antique Evening”; Carol Cartaino, "Let's Write" adult writer's group; Deborah Ozanich, American Sign Language classes; The Quill & Keyboard Society (young adults writing group); Susan Gingerich, Weight Loss and A Trip to China; the History of the Highland County District Library (for the Daughters of the American Revolution chapter); Genealogical and Local History Resources (for the Southern Ohio Genealogical Society). 

GREENFIELD ADULT PROGRAMS:  WCET Ready to Learn workshops for preschool parents and caregivers, Bookworms adult book discussion group, Beginning and Internet computer classes, monthly health screenings, monthly Stroke Support Group, monthly Adult Craft Club, Perennial exchange, Book Sales, Summer Reading contests, CPR classes, 2 Job fairs,  healthy lifestyle classes, monthly Senior Citizen's Library Mornings, Teacher Appreciation Breakfast, Master Gardener program, Tax Aide, A Visit to China, Digital cameras, Weight Loss, Highland County Commissioners informational meeting, YMCA, Spring Hat Tea, Summer Reading Kick-off Cook-out, Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health program, Paranormal Scientific Investigators, "Highland County's Jesse James, Robert McKimmie", Small Antiques Contest, Antique Valuation, Teresa Slack, author visit, Chautauqua programs, Greenfield Police presentation, Ebay, Grandparent's Day program, Art Classes, Horse Training, and Habitat for Humanity. 

LEESBURG ADULT PROGRAMS:  Susan Gingerich, Chocolate Tasting for Valentine’s Day, a Library Antique Road Show, Ghost Hunters from the Southern Ohio Paranormal Research organization, a Veteran’s Day Appreciation Program, and a Christmas Cookie Exchange. 

LYNCHBURG ADULT PROGRAMS:  Pageturners Book Club, Red Hat Society reception, Trivial Pursuit for Book Lovers, Pickin' Party Music Jam, Knit0n-Stitch, Spring Tea, Sign Language, Christmas Tea, Computer classes, Scrapbookers, Radio Mystery Series, Adult Summer Reading Club, Storytime for Grownups, and Dream Workshop.



    Jean Hay – oil paintings 

    Pam Keaton – watercolors and pastels 

    Bill Ferguson – watercolor florals 

    Lucy Miller – nature paintings 

    Film Foggers – photographs displays at the county fair 

    Film Foggers – watercolors 

    Carroll Wallace – watercolors 

    Vivian Bound - watercolors



HILLSBORO:  Trains, Black Churches of Highland county, local artist Pam Keaton's writings and artwork, Milton Caniff, Madam Alexander Dolls, fishing supplies, Hillsboro's Bicentennial display, Presidential figurines, Barber shop items for Father's Day, Items from Hillsboro's Time Capsule, Marble collection, Constitution Week by the Daughters of the American Revolution, Pioneer Pressed Glass set, Souvenirs from Germany, local historian Charlotte Pack's book on Highland County, and "Project Linus" blankets. 

GREENFIELD:  Quilts, Lighted churches, Hats, a Tribute to mothers by the Greenfield Mother's Club, Greenfield's old schools, Golden Storybooks, Cat collection, Christmas collections by the Greenfield staff, a Chautauqua display, Head Start's "Week of the Child" art, and an art display by the class taught by Diana Hisey.


LEESBURG:  Antique Toys, Wizard of Oz memorabilia, Red Hat display, Tractors, Teapots & Cups, Scooby Doo    , Campbell Soup cans, Highland County Fair, the Artisan Folk Fair, Merry Money, and Aprons & Cooking Utensils and Books. 

LYNCHBURG:  Precious Moments, Girl Scouts, Fenton Glass Birds of Happiness, Star Wars 30th Anniversary, Vintage Mysteries, Lighted Village, Lynchburg History, Lizzie Borden, Theatre Masks, and Knit-n-Stitch. 


Hillsboro hosted book signings for local authors Pam Keaton, Saundra Crum Akers, Teresa Slack, and Charlotte Pack.

 Lynchburg hosted a book signing for Teresa Slack. /strong>


Donations and Gifts – 2007

Many Thanks to:


Main Library Greenfield Branch Leesburg Branch Lynchburg Branch
Nancy Perin Axmacher
Jane Tucker Radley
Mary Alice Lance
Mary A. Wallace
Natalie Goodrich Amato
Jean Wallis
Rev. Dr. David W. Stevens
Altrusa International of Highland County
Pamida Foundation
VFW Post 4736
Greenfield Rotary Club
The Letter Shop
New Sabina Industries
Greenfield Research
Buckeye Hills
Robbins Village Florist
Jett's Pro Embroidery
KFC/Taco Bell
Unger's Market
Stuck on Scrappin'
Star Cinema
Who's Place
Design One
Magic Waters Theatre
Karen Wilson
Diana Baker
Kyda Prickett
Phyllis White
Becky Tressler
Pam Weston
Nancy Sonner
Delia Toews
Elizabeth Strittenburger
Sherry Runyon
Jacky Walker
Sandra Bohrer
Sowders Bakery
New Sabina Industries
Poor Bob’s
Leesburg Hardware
Star Cinema
Mitchells Dairy Bar
5/3 Bank
Leesburg Meat & Market
Hickory & Plaid
One West Main Antiques
Lynchburg Masonic Charitable Foundations, Inc.
Lukas Pharmacy
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Scott in memory of Daniel Farmer
Main Street Cafe
Guy Smith Oil
The Family Diner
The Wishing Well
Murphy Hardware
Liberty Savings Bank
Home Builders
Fifth Third
Darlene Michael
Christa Moore