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Jennifer West, Director
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Margaret Magee, Greenfield Branch Manager
Sharon Aukeman, Leesburg Branch Manager
Elaine Williams, Lynchburg Branch Manager


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Annual Report 2009
Jennifer West, Director

2009 was a year of highs and lows. Each month our Public Library Fund tax distribution dipped below what we'd received in previous years. Then on June 19th Governor Ted Strickland proposed cutting public library funding by 50% in order to balance the state budget! State legislators received over 27,000 emails in 3 days as staff and patrons responded in dismay and a little anger.

When the 2010-2011 state budget bill was finally signed by Governor Strickland, it reduced in temporary law the PLF percentage from 2.22% to 1.97%. This means our funding has indeed been cut, although thankfully nowhere near the proposed 50% mark. However when this reduction is added to the loss in tax revenue due to the continuing slowdown in the economy, public libraries in Ohio are facing a challenging year.

Still there were many highs and much good news in 2009. Our annual circulation rose to 699,007 items, an increase of 26,810 items (4%) from 2008. Our computers were used 48,762 times in 2009 as the public depends on library computers to search for employment, apply for benefits and keep in touch with family and friends. Our computer librarian Brenda Fisher set up several laptops in the board room which has increased the number of public computers at Hillsboro to 17. Now patrons are assured of getting a computer without having to wait for long.

In December 2009, House Bill 318 was passed. Despite its unpopularity, this will help Ohio's public libraries as it postpones the previously approved decrease in the state's personal income tax. This is projected to result in an increase of approximately $8 million in the 2010 Public Library Fund distribution.

The Hillsboro City Schools have moved south of town. We miss the kids and the landmark, as sitting across the road from a vacant lot takes some getting used to. The school continues to allow us to park across the street which helps us enormously.

I continue to attend meetings for "Connect Ohio", a public-private partnership that is working to develop a statewide application for federal broadband stimulus funding. We will be participating in a joint request by Connect Ohio and the State Library of Ohio for stimulus funding to provide public computers.

We will also be receiving replacements for two computers at the Greenfield Branch Library from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. We need to provide matching funds. Greenfield Branch Manager Margaret Magee and I attended the "Turning the Page" library advocacy training held by the Gates Foundation in Columbus, Ohio.

In 2007 SIRSI/Dynix announced they would stop improving the circulation software used by the SEO consortium, of which we are a member. SEO and the State Library of Ohio has been investigating "open source" software and are looking at a version of the "PINES" system developed by public libraries in Georgia.

We helped collect toys for the "Toys for Tots" Christmas program, and books for the AAUW book sale. I participated in Highland District Hospital's 2009 Health Fair, the Hillsboro Rotary 4-Way Speech contest, a health fair for NCB Bank employees, and the first annual Hillsboro Elementary PTO Carnival. Outdated electronic equipment was recycled at the city garage, and we continue recycling paper and cardboard at the Hills and Dales facility. The Hillsboro Garden Club gave us a lovely garden to replace the tree that was uprooted during a storm in February.

2009 ended on a bright note with the Merry Money program. 631 children registered to earn "Merry Money" by reading or being read to, and a total of $8,887 was redeemed at the Christmas stores. This year we were able to use the Alternative School building for the Saturday store, and some of the students helped us set up. A number of Astra teens served as cashiers as well.

We need to be very cautious as revenues may continue to decline. We still do not know the full impact the state budget and the economy will have so we are anticipating as best we can. Our concern is always keeping the library collection and services healthy. Once again I would like to acknowledge the efforts of our library staff. They perform their jobs and serve the community with expertise, patience and good humor.

County Population (estimated): 42,349
Circulation: 699,007
Per capita circulation is 16.5 items.

Registered Borrowers:
Adults 20,532
Juvenile 4,975
25,507 Approximately 60% of Highland County's population

System Circulation for 2009:














Audio Books


















Computer Use


















Misc. Formats






ILL to other libraries






In-house use












% of total







"Miscellaneous formats" include toys, story telling kits, mystery kits, maps and pamphlets. "In-house use" includes newspapers, periodicals, microfilm reels and honor paperbacks.

Average library attendance in a Typical Week 4,463

Average Reference Transactions in a Typical Week 249

Average Non-Reference* Transactions in a Typical Week 684
(*directional, policy, mechanical)

57 Adult Programs 425 Attendance
230 Juvenile Programs 1,934 Attendance
Other Locations 1,357 Attendance
Total: 287 3,716

129 Adult Programs 1,674 Attendance
104 Juvenile Programs 1,852 Attendance
Other Locations 1,965 Attendance
Total: 233 5,491

118 Adult Programs 1,404 Attendance
137 Juvenile Programs 2,400 Attendance
Other Locations 620 Attendance
Total: 255 4,424

78 Adult Programs 1,102 Attendance
140 Juvenile Programs 1,918 Attendance
Other Locations 691 Attendance
Total: 218 3,711

System Totals:
407 Adult Programs 4,869 Attendance
592 Juvenile Programs 7,840 Attendance
Other Locations 4,633 Attendance

The Storytelling kits reached 1,309 children in 2009.

Outreach was provided to 671 elderly or disabled residents at Laurels of Hillsboro, Heartland, Highland House and Crestwood nursing homes by Lora Davis, our new outreach librarian. Lora took over when Shirley Foster retired from the responsibility. Lora's programs covered St. Patrick's Day, Flags, Valentine's Day, a visit to the beach, Ohio Bicentennial Barns, a visit from Phyllis Diller, and "Severe Weather" for which she dressed as a tornado!



Written by Joan Cockerill

The Children's Department had a very busy and fun-filled 2009. We presented over 200 story times in the library with about 2,000 children attending. Our outreach story times were presented to almost 1,000 children. We had 36 passive programs with over 5,000 children participating.

We celebrated each month by decorating and having fun with interesting themes. January brought stories of snow, snowmen, winter, Winnie-the-Pooh, Biscuit and gingerbread. In February we celebrated Valentine's Day, Black History Month, "Kiss a frog" and Winter Clothing. March brought stories of wind, St. Patrick's Day, rainbows and leprechauns, spring and a "Party with the Pigeon". In April we celebrated National Library Week with contests ad giveaways. Also the High School Astra Club presented a night of Fairy tales. May was a very busy month. We had stories about Mother's Day, spring, a Paddington party and an introduction to our Summer Reading Club theme of "Be Creative @ Your Library". We visited all the schools in the area to tell them about our summer theme and pass out information. Then Ronald McDonald kicked off our Summer Reading Club with a fun program which stressed the benefits of reading.

During June and July we had over 600 children sign up to read with us and we explored our theme with many "creative" programs. We had many talented guests to teach and entertain the children: Janet Florence played an accordion; Hurd Latimer entertained the children with puppets and stories; a tea party with guest violinist Kelli Burwinkel; musical instruments with Alex Germann; learning to play bells and singing along with flutist Becky Storer; a demonstration and instruction on how to do Polynesian and hula dances by Miss Miranda; and tap and jazz dances by Miss Erika. We also had many "creative" story times: making pictures with flowers, art, colors, music, mixing colors and making volcanoes, sidewalk chalk, and creating with boxes.

During September, we welcomed the children back with stories of returning to school, county fairs, apples and autumn. The children also registered to win school supplies.

Registration for our "Merry Money" Christmas Club started October 1st and continued through November. We had 435 children sign up to receive one "Merry Dollar" for each 30 minutes they read or where read to. October and November story times centered on fall, pumpkins, Thanksgiving, pilgrims, and Indians. Our Christmas store in December was our last big program of the year and was a huge success with only 4 children, who received "Merry Money," not coming to shop.

Each month Dawna Jo Kiesling of the Ohio Extension office provided healthy tips and recipes. We dedicated 21 books to new babies in 2009.

We would like to give special thanks to our Summer Reading sponsors: Diary Queen, Great Scot Community Markets, McDonald's, Bob Evans and Wal-Mart.

CHILDREN’S DEPARTMENT: Joan Cockerill, Betty Daugherty, Colleen Germann, Pamela Strange and Faye Thompson.

ADULT DEPARTMENT: Donna Stout, Shirley Foster, Shirley Crouch, Karen Davis, Lora Davis, Melanie Dawes, Sandra Duplain, Deanna Flinn, Erma Gibbs, Donna O’Dom and Vanessa Turner.


Written by Margaret Magee

2009 at the Greenfield Branch Library was a very busy, but a really great year! Due to the economy things have been difficult for both the library and our patrons and we have many who use our computers to do job searches, apply for unemployment benefits and other needed access. We have registered 720 new patrons in the last year. We presented 245 programs for children, teens, and adults with a total attendance of 3,526.

Our adult programs included: CET Ready to Learn workshops for preschool parents and caregivers, the Bookworms adult book discussion group, Beginning and Internet computer classes, monthly Stoke Support Group – Greenfield Area Medical Center, Adult Craft Club, Perennial exchange, Book Sales, Summer Reading contests, CPR classes presented by Debbie Hensley, Monthly Senior Citizen's Library Mornings, Summer Reading Kick-off Cook-out, Art Classes – Dianna Hisey, Genealogy Club headed by Earlene Scott, Sign Language classes by Molly Clevinger, Eat Well on Less by Dawna Jo Kiesling, and travel programs on Thailand by Tati Cunningham and Africa by Rick Schluep, Stroke Risk Assessment Workshop, Highland County Community Action workshop on Financial Literacy, Genealogy Club authentic original Thanksgiving Dinner, an author visit from Jason Hughes and a "Moosemunch" contest.

Children had lots of programs as well. There were 2 story hours each week for ages 2 to grade 6 and a Head Start story time. The Summer Reading program ("Be Creative @ Your Library") started with a kick-off cook-out and we had a total of 424 sign up over the summer, a "Where the Wild Things Are" promotion, and Seasons Readings Christmas Club were the most popular. We gave programs and tours for school classes, 4-H, scout groups, preschool and clubs. We also had a Library Summer Camp with 343 in total attendance, a Kid's Craft Club, the Christmas Gift Shop, Sign Language classes and a Ratatouille Party.

We have worked with many local agencies to provide more and better services. These include Edgewood Manor, Hearth 'N Care, Greenfield Area Medical Center, the City of Greenfield, Highland County Community Action, Concerned Veterans of Greenfield, Greenfield Head Start, Highland County Extension Service, CET, the Greenfield McClain faculty, Highland County Commissioners, Highland County Board of Elections, the Greenfield Rotary Club, the Lions Club, Greenfield Area Merchants Association, Greenfield Historical Society, Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health, Buckskin School, Greenfield Soccer Association, Greenfield Mothers Club, AAUW, and others.

We received donations from many local businesses and clubs including: VFW Post 4736, New Sabina Industries, Altrusa, McDonalds, Leesburg Federal Bank – Greenfield Office, Merchants National Bank, Robbins Village Florist, Subway, Domino's, Star Cinema, the Glitz, Design 1, Bob Evans, Greene's Auto, Stuck on Scrappin', Karen Wilson, a gift in memory of Bill Beatty, and other patron gifts.

There were many wonderful displays in our showcase this year. Photography by Cheryl Collier, Elaine Cekola-Menard – antique valentines, Harold Schmidt – plate and cup serving sets, Joan Arnold – paintings, Don Alexander – Frisbee golf, Dianna Hisey – paintings, Sandra Martin – pig collection, Nancy Baldwin – floral displays, Harold Schmidt – antique toys. Other displays included Head Start's "Week of the Child" artwork, an art display by the library art class taught by Dianna Hisey, "Picturing America" display from the American Library Association, and art from the McClain art department.

Our community room has been in continual use this year. Besides all of our library programs, many community groups (Greenfield Concerned Veterans, Greenfield Historical Society , Divas, Greenfield Mothers' Club, Greenfield Teachers' Association, American Association for University Women, Greenfield Farmers Market, PERI, GSAY Soccer, AAARC and the Highland County Board of Elections) have used the room for their meetings and events.

It has been a very busy and exciting year. A great staff, wonderful patrons and a caring community all work together to make a tremendous team to enhance our community. We look forward to serving the Greenfield area in 2010.

Greenfield Staff: Margaret Magee, Branch Manager; Debbie Wise, Vickie Everhart, Linda Fugate, Vicki Strain and Kathy Patton.


Written by Sharon Aukeman

2009 was a very busy year for us here at the Leesburg Library. We provided many services and programs for our patrons throughout the year; and the Leesburg community supported us with their participation and increased usage of our materials and computers.

Our adult programs included a Ladies’ Summer Tea, perennial exchange, a Senior Fire Safety Program, and our annual Veteran’s Day Appreciation Breakfast program. We also enjoy celebrating the holidays throughout the year so our patrons were able to sample special treats for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Halloween (Beggar’s Night) and Christmas (Luminaria).

Our children’s programming was exceptional this year. The number of children participating in our two story times continues to grow. The children were able to go to the “beach” in February, search for pirates’ buried treasure in May and were treated to a “Reading Magic” show by “Sharona the Great” in November. We had excellent participation in our summer reading program, “Be Creative at Your Library” as well. Ronald McDonald visited us again this year as well as our friendly park ranger who helped us cast animal tracks. The kids also enjoyed dancing to the beat of the Reading Rocks! Band and watching a puppet show based on Sandra Boynton books. The kids read many books all summer and won lots of cool prizes, too! We also had another successful year of Merry Money. The kids (and parents) look forward to this worthwhile and fun way to buy Christmas presents for their family members.

Our teens have been busy this year, too. They participated in their summer reading program, “Express Yourself at Your Library”. We held a Poetry Reading/Coffee House night and an Art Competition/Show as well as our monthly “SPARX” book discussion groups. We have a great core group of teens and we hope they will be able to encourage more of their friends to participate.

We continue to network with local organizations to provide services and information to our patrons. Some of these programs/organizations include Computer classes, Teacher Outreach, Ohio Benefit Bank, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Leesburg Fire Dept. and Life Squad, Highland County Extension Office and the Leesburg Soccer Association.

We appreciate the generous support of monetary donations provided by the many businesses and patrons of the Leesburg community. Their donations assist us in providing incentives for our summer reading program. We would also like to thank patrons who have displayed items in our show case this year. This year we had patrons share their Santa, Apple and Easter basket collections.

Many local organizations use our community room throughout the year such as Girl Scouts, Retired Teachers, Red Hat Club and the Soccer Club. Our reading groups for kids, teens and adults also use the community room as well as our Knit Together group.

We had two of our staff retire at the end of 2009 bringing mixed emotions to the remaining staff and our patrons. Our hearts are heavy knowing how much we will miss Joy Smith and Patsy Bishop. They were hard-working, faithful library employees. But we are happy to know that they will be enjoying their retirement with their loving families and friends, and we look forward to their visiting us here at the library in the future. The rest of the staff continues to work diligently to provide the best possible service to our patrons. Their commitment to this library and the Leesburg community continues to amaze me. I truly appreciate all they do!

Leesburg Staff: Sharon Aukeman, Branch Manager; Becky Howard, Joy Smith, Louise McKamey, Patsy Bishop, Shirley Fetters and Myrna Reno.


Written by Elaine Williams

We at the Lynchburg Branch would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks for the tremendous outpouring of support shown by our patrons when the library faced the possibility of huge budget cuts in 2009. So many community members sent emails and letters to the governor and to our legislators to express what the library means to them and to Lynchburg. Well over 300 people signed a petition that was sent to the governor’s office also. As the time for the vote at the state level drew nearer, our patrons made phone calls and posters, passed out flyers in the village, and even got the word out on their blogs that the library needed support. From Columbus, word reached us that the governor’s office is now well aware of a little village called Lynchburg! Thankfully, the budget cuts, although significant, were not as devastating as they could have been. We will do everything in our power to make sure that you, the taxpayers, continue to be satisfied with the library services you receive for your hard-earned dollars. T anks also to Lynchburg Mayor Jeremy Shaffer, for taking his support of our branch all the way to the Governor, and to the library board for its caution in dealing with this crisis.

In order to meet the needs of the community, the Lynchburg Branch continued to offer free Internet access. The library has become the place to job hunt, take online classes, find a proctor to administer distance-learning program exams, and learn computer skills. Our computer services librarian, Brenda Fisher, offered two sets of computer & Internet classes instead of just one in 2009. As always, these classes are free to the public. Library staff also scheduled some one-on-one computer tutoring for those who could not attend the classes.

Dawna Jo Kiesling from the OSU Extension Office offered some valuable programs at the library. Her information on Thrifty Food Shopping and Stretching Your Dollar at the Grocery was very timely and helpful. Other adult programs included the popular Pageturners Book Club and Knit-N-Stitch gatherings, plus our annual Spring & Christmas Teas. The Lynchburg Historical Society continues to meet on the first Monday of each month in the library’s meeting room.

2009’s Summer Reading Clubs for children, teens, and adults all featured the theme of Be Creative @ Your Library. This theme allowed for all kinds of creative opportunities, such as ScrapBookers for adults, Creative Writing and Theater Games for teens, and story times and crafts for kids, ranging from All That Glitters to All About Me. Two of the teens who attended our Creating Writing Ideas for Teens used the ideas they heard that day to achieve success with their poems! One had his first poem published in a magazine, and another won two first place ribbons for her creative writing at the 2009 Highland County Fair. Congratulations!

Teen and adult volunteers contributed a great deal to our library in 2009. Throughout the spring and summer, these generous helpers gave their extra time to help us prepare for the summer reading clubs, shelve items, copy brochures and flyers, organize supplies, pull books, prepare story time crafts, and assist with children’s programs. Volunteers were also essential to the success of our annual Merry Money Christmas Shop in December. Several young ladies sorted and applied prices to the merchandise throughout October and November, and they were also on hand to help children select their gifts during the actual shopping days. We couldn’t have done it without them!

We look forward to serving the community in 2010.

Lynchburg Branch Staff: Beverly Wilkin, Carol Frost, Debi Dillon, Jean Bush, Rosemary McLarty. Branch Manager: Elaine Williams


HILLSBORO ADULT PROGRAMS: Joseph Clark, author of "My Ambulance Education," Computer classes (held at the Highland County Senior Citizen Center and the Hillsboro library); Black History Month program with speaker Charles Feaster, Tuskegee Airman; Jeanne Read, "Antique Evening”; Carol Cartaino, "Let's Write" adult writer's group and a teen poetry workshop for summer; Deborah Ozanich, American Sign Language classes; Marilyn Henderson, bead class; Gary Crouch, autograph collecting, and "Grow Your Own Salsa" plant exchange.

GREENFIELD ADULT PROGRAMS: Monthly Stroke Support groups, CPR classes, Genealogy Club, Bookworms book discussion group, CET Ready to Learn workshops, Computer classes, Perennial exchange, Community Action programs – Financial Literacy, Dawna Jo Kiesling – health eating, Senior Citizen Mornings, Adult Craft Club, Greenfield Community meetings, Monthly blood pressure screening, Ohio Benefit Bank, Art classes, Travel programs on Thailand and Africa, Visit by local author Jason Hughes, Stroke assessment workshop.

LEESBURG ADULT PROGRAMS: Ladies’ Summer Tea, Perennial Exchange, Senior Fire Safety Program, Veteran’s Day Appreciation Breakfast program, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Halloween (Beggar’s Night) and Christmas (Luminaria).

LYNCHBURG ADULT PROGRAMS: Patrick Haley, author visit, Pageturners Book Club, Knit-n-Stitch, Declutter Your Life, Computer classes and assistance, Stretching Your Food Dollars, Spring and Christmas Teas, Scrapbookers, Veteran's Reception, Thrifty Food Shopping, Create Your Own Casserole, and Summer Adult Reading Club.


Connie Barrett - watercolors
Mary Reed – paintings
Helen Horner – paintings
Matthew and Emily Miller – mixed media
Film Foggers - photographs
Leesburg Brush and Pallet Artist Guild - paintings


HILLSBORO: Joyce Faninn, paintings; Diana Harvey, Appalachian Artisans Guild; Black History Month – Charles Feaster, Tuskegee Airman, Diane Jones, Tractors; Barbie Turns, Marilyn Henderson, Jewelry; Jacob Schlater, Origami; Frank Grosvenor, War Toys; Jackie Newman, Jewelry; Summer Reading Teen Prizes; Shirley Foster, Festival Baskets; Vanessa Turner, Carnival Glass; Mary Scott, Custard Glass; Brenda Fisher, Computers; Andrew O'Dom, 48 States/48 Days and Iceland Pictures; Avery Applegate, Historical Museum Shoppe items; Jim Evans, Carved Wooden Santas; Domestic Violence Awareness, "Love Your Library", "Remember Your Library Card", Christmas, St. Patrick, Easter, Wintertime Reading, and Cancer Awareness.

GREENFIELD: Snowmen, Elaine Cekola-Menard – Antique Valentines, Cheryl Collier – photography, Abe Lincoln's 200th birthday, Harold Schmidt – plate and cup serving sets, Gardening, Spring projects, Joan Arnold – Paintings, Baseball, Native American Genealogy – "Snow Flower", "Spring Into Books" contest, Don Alexander – Frisbee Gold, "Are You Irish?", March Madness, Quaker Heritage, Watermelon Day, Dianna Hisey – Paintings, Women's History, Perennials, Mother's Day, Summer Reading, Sandra Martin – Pig Display, Highland County Fair, Columbus Day, "Books are a Treat", "where the Wild Things Are" Contest, Back-to-school, Celebrate Fall – Greenfield Library Staff, Nancy Baldwin – Floral Arrangements, Constitution Week, Football, "Scare Up a good Book", Astro-Boy, C.S. Lewis' Birthday, Amelia Earhart, Harold Schmidt – Antique Toys, Season Readings Christmas Club, Halloween/Scary Books, Christmas Crafts and Cooking, Moosemunch contest, Week of the Young Child Head Start artwork, "Where in Greenfield is this design" contest, McClain Art Class display.

LEESBURG: Knitting Display, DeDe Heeter; Cabin Festival, SSCC Fincastle; Green Glass, Shirley Fetters; Easter Baskets, Sofia Burgess; Summer Reading, Library Staff; “Be Creative” Art Show Competition, Summer Reading Participants; Apples Collection, Sherri Barrett; Merry Money, Library Staff; and Santa Collection, Joy Smith.

LYNCHBURG: Patrick Haley, author; China dolls, Lynchburg history, Boy Scouts, Teapots, Lynchburg Distillery, Constitution Week, and Association for the Preservation/Restoration of Historical/Vintage Knick-Knacks.


Nancy Perin Axmacher
Constance Ford
The Brown County Engineer's office
Hilltop Recreations
Mike Conway
Danny Hicks
New Sabina Industries
Robert H. Bee
Jerry Pruitt
Jean Head
Susan Johnson
John T. Hagan
Kathy Bright
Jan Gelardo
Fran Larkin
Shirley Crouch
Paul Young

Summer Reading program donors:

John Barber/Bob Evans Farms
Altrusa International of Highland County


FW Post 4736
New Sabina Industries
Altrusa of Highland County, Ohio
Leesburg Federal Bank-Greenfield Branch
Merchants Bank
Robbins Village Florist
Star Cinema
The Glitz
Design 1
Bob Evans
Greene’s Auto
Stuck on Scrappin'
Karen Wilson
Joanne Kresiak, in Memory of Bill Beatty


5/3 Bank
Cincinnati Reds
Cincinnati Zoo
Fat Boys Pizza
Fetter’s Remodeling
Hardy Memorials
Hickory & Plaid
Highland Lanes
Katie’s Confections
Kay Simmons Insurance
Leesburg Federal Bank
Leesburg Flagway Gas Station
Leesburg Hardware
New Sabina Industries
Ohio Renaissance Festival
Poor Bobs Gas Station
Sisters Tanning
Square One Heating and Cooling
Star Cinema
Wellers Plumbing & Heating
Kyda Prickett
Henry Smith
Elizabeth Stritenberger
Pam Weston
Becky Hurst
Marc Miller
Samantha Hutchinson
Becky Hurst
Maria Grimm
Haley Tolle

"Merry Money" donations

Christa Moore
Ruth Ann Moore
Darlene Michael
Sue Fowee
Marsha Straus
Nell Rohrback
The Binkley Family
The Rusty Star Gift Shop


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