Annual Report 2016







Fred Yochum, President

Larry Nartker, Vice President

Kim Douglas, Secretary

Stephen Hunter

Jeff Cloud

Mary Ellen McCarty

Ted Rosenmayer


Jennifer West, Director

Emily Evans, Clerk-Treasurer

Margaret Magee, Greenfield Branch Manager

Sharon Aukeman, Leesburg Branch Manager

Elaine Williams, Lynchburg Branch Manager


Highland County District Library

Annual Report - 2016


Jennifer West, Director


            2016 brought a “Frozen” cartoon princess and BATMAN to the Highland County District Library!  The caped crusader visited all four libraries in one day and gave an inspiring talk to both children and adults.  This was possibly the most popular program we have held.


            The annual circulation for 2016 was 432,008.  This number includes the circulation of e-formats (e-books, digital or downloadable audio, and videos) which was 21,079.


            We were also visited by authors Wayne Page, Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse, Peter Seidel and Gretchen Huffman.  Our meeting room has been used by the Daughters of the American Revolution, Ohio Home Care, ECOT, Medi-Gold, Ohio Virtual Academy, Hopewell, Buckeye Online, FRS, the Ohio Attorney General’s office, the African American Awareness Research Council, and the Writer’s Block group as well as scout groups, tutors and private investigators.


The 2016 Black History Month program honored Augustus West and George H. Ford.  At the request of several patrons we started an evening program for Adult Coloring.  Unfortunately the attendance never grew above 3 people.  We also had hearing tests by Hearing Solutions, a plant swap, and a “how to edit your own writing” workshop.  We were visited by State Representative Cliff Rosenberger, Senator Bob Portman and a representative from the Ohio Secretary of State office.


            I continue to serve on the Head Start Policy Council and participate in Head Start’s annual self-assessment day.  I also took part in the judging of the Hillsboro Rotary’s 4-Way Speech contest and attended YMCA’s Fall Festival evening and the Hillsboro City School’s Business Advisory Community meetings.


            Lyn Tone and Emily Winter participated in the Veteran Appreciation Night hosted by the Highland County Veterans Service Commission.  A total of 149 people registered for a prize (136 adults and 13 children).


            I would like to thank Betty Crum for her presentation on genealogy research for the library staff.  I also thank the library staff themselves for their continued service to the county.





County Population (2016 estimate):  43,026

Circulation:  432,008

Per capita circulation is 10 items


Registered Borrowers:










Circulation for 2016:





































ILL to other libraries






















The circulation for CD-ROMS, toys, storytelling kits, mystery kits, maps and pamphlets are now included in the Audiobooks category.


Also at the request of the State Library of Ohio, “computer use” and “in-house use” are not added to the circulation statistics.  We are instructed to count all materials in all formats that are checked out for use outside the library.



Computer Use












In-house Use







"In-house use" includes use of newspapers, periodicals, microfilm reels and honor paperbacks.


Average library attendance in a Typical Week






Average Reference Transactions in a Typical Week






Average Non-Reference* Transactions in a Typical Week



(*directional, policy, mechanical)





Adult Programs










Juvenile Programs










Other Locations










Adult Programs










Juvenile Programs










Other Locations










Adult Programs










Juvenile Programs










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Adult Programs










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Adult Programs










Juvenile Programs










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Outreach was provided to 475 elderly or disabled residents at the Bell Gardens, Crestwood Ridge, Heartland of Hillsboro and Laurels of Hillsboro nursing homes by Jennifer West, serving as outreach librarian.  Programs included Mardi Gras, valentines, poems, the Kentucky Derby, Florence Foster Jenkins, Steve Canyon, superstitions, and really bad puns.





Written by Gabrielle Pitzer, Children’s Department Manager


            2016 was another busy year filled with lots of excitement and changes for the Hillsboro Children’s Department. Over the course of the year, there were many programs, new employees, and moving around of books. The children’s department is currently in the process of relabeling books and shifting their location throughout the library. Kaitlin McMullen left in September and Mercy Ramsey began in October.


            Storytime was held on Wednesdays at 11 for 0-2 year olds and 11:30 for 3-5 year olds for a total of 74 times by Kaitlin McMullen and Gabrielle Pitzer.  Story time was held once a month for three months during summer reading. During the year, 589 children and 490 parents attending story time at the library. In addition to regular story time, the library expanded our outreach programs. On the first Wednesday of the month during the school year, Kaitlin McMullen and Emily Winters read to students at the Hillsboro Head Start.  On the first Monday (5 times/day) and Tuesday (2 times/day) of the month, beginning in October, Gabrielle Pitzer went to the Hillsboro Elementary Pre-K, Wee Care, and Little Lamb for story time.  These story times were conducted 16 times for a total of 261 preschoolers. And additional story time was held during the HUBA Christmas Program at the Highland County Visitor’s Bureau for 14 people.


            Fun with Legos was once again offered for children ages 6-14. January through May the club meet every other Tuesday with Kaitlin McMullen. After the summer break, Emily Fryman took over the meetings again with Gabrielle Pitzer filling in when needed. The clubs met 16 times with 173 children and 110 adults attending the meetings.


            The theme for summer reading was “On Your Mark, Get Set, Read” with a focus on the Summer Olympics. Gabrielle Pitzer went to the kindergarten classes to tell the about the program near the end of the school year. The program saw 326 children sign up with 62 finishing the program completely. The children received prizes based on the number of books they checked out. Programs and craft nights were held weekly in addition to weekly drawings the children could enter.


            In September the Hillsboro Elementary kindergarteners visited the library as part of their annual Kindergarten Day. Five groups of 30 students visited throughout the day. While at the library, they enjoyed story time, a tour, and an obstacle course set up in the meeting room.


            Several coloring contests and scavenger hunts were held along with the monthly Guess How Many and Birthday Prize contests. 1,324 children participated in the Guess How Many contest and 185 children entered the Birthday Prize contest. Over 1,600 children took part in the various passive programs throughout the year.


            To finish off the year, we held our annual Santa’s Reading Workshop.  Over 150 children signed up between October 17 and December 3. For every 10 books read, children earned a golden ticket for a total of five golden tickets. The program ended with 57 children and 42 parents attending a craft day and a chance to get their picture taken with Santa.



CHILDREN’S DEPARTMENT:  Gabrielle Pitzer, Sandy Duplain, Karen Davis, Kaitlin McMullen, and Mercy Ramsey.


ADULT DEPARTMENT:  Lyn Tone, Sarah Allen, Mel Dawes, Emily Fryman, Sandra Jenkins, Donna O’Dom, Kayla Seip, Emily Winters and Betty Yates.







Written by Margaret Magee, Branch Manager


2016 at the Greenfield Branch Library was a really great year!  It has been a year that we have enjoyed serving the Greenfield community and meeting informational and entertainment needs.  It’s been a year with many new patrons and great new items.


We had some great adult programs here at the library and they included:  CET Ready to Learn workshops for preschool caregivers, book sales, Summer Reading contests, Summer Reading kick-off, Genealogy Club, DT & I Model Railroad Regional Program, Ohio Benefit Bank tax preparation, Tea Party “Meet the Candidates” night, Family Fit Meal Planning presented by Adena Healthcare, Quilting Club and the Puzzlers.


Children also had many great programs as well.  These were story hours each week for preschoolers.  The Summer Reading program theme was “Get in the Game”.  We had a sign up of 312 for the summer.  A Season Readings Christmas Club with 87 children involved which was concluded with the Christmas Gift shop on December 3.  We also had a Library Summer Camp with 223 in total attendance, “Poof Daddy” Magic Show, Drop-In Kid’s Crafts, Mother’s Club program for children and Batman came to visit!


We have worked with local agencies to provide more and better services.  These include Edgewood Manor, Village of Greenfield, Concerned Veterans of Greenfield, Greenfield Head Start, CET, Highland County Board of Elections, Greenfield Farmer’s Market Committee, Greenfield Historical Society, Greenfield Mothers Club, Highland County Community Action Organization, Ohio Virtual Academy and others.


We received donations from many local businesses, clubs and individuals including New Sabina Industries, Greenfield Mother’s Club, Greenfield Chiropractic  - Ryan Reeves, Altrusa of Highland County, Ohio, McDonald’s, Burger King, Star Cinema, The Willow, Domino’s, Subway, Save-A-Lot, Jett’s Professional Embroidery, 3 Spoons Diner, Advance Auto, Wendy’s, Community Market, Robbins Village Florist, Bob Evans, Roller Haven, The Glitz, Kroger’s, Pizza Hut,  Dakota’s, Buck’s Tire Service, McClain Athletic Dept., Tecumseh, Gold Star, Big City Pizza, Walgreen’s, Kathy Decker, Newport Aquarium, Trendsetter, The Beach Waterpark, Cincinnati Reds, COSI, George Pataskan in memory of Kathy Jury and many items from our patrons.


There were many wonderful displays in our showcase this year: Mary Mick (gingerbread collectibles), Joan Arnold (artwork), Vickie Gilkison (artwork), Summer Reading prizes and donations, Linda Fugate (photography), “Spark” (artwork), Tom Schluep, Jennifer Wenker, Larry Chapman, Eric Salyers, Elaine Williams, Constitution Week, Head Start artwork - Week of the Young Child.


Our community room has been in continual use this year.  Besides our library programming, many community groups (Greenfield Concerned Veterans, Divas, Greenfield Mothers’ Club, Greenfield Farmers Market meetings, Greenfield Voting Precinct, Ohio Virtual Academy testing, Bureau of Worker’s Compensation, Highland County Community Action, Highland County Tea Party meeting, YUSA & Sugarcreek interviews, Accel Job Fair, McClain School meeting, SOGS Genealogy class, Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, London Academy) have used the room for their meetings and events.


2016 has moved by quickly.  Our staff, patrons, and community working together make a great team to enrich our community.  We look forward to serving our community in 2017.



Greenfield Staff:  Margaret Magee, Branch Manager; Debbie Wise, Linda Fugate, Kathy Patton, Jessica Leaverton, Melinda McGee, and Kathy Van Matre.







Written by Sharon Aukeman, Branch Manager


The Leesburg Library had a busy and productive 2016.  We provided many services and programs for our patrons throughout the year.


Our adult programs included an investment seminar, a book talk by local author Wayne Page, a paranormal program presented by the Appalachian Exploration Society and our annual Veteran’s Day Appreciation Breakfast.  We also host our Knit Together group which meets weekly and our monthly adult reading group (RRR). 


            Participation in our children’s programming continued to grow.  Story time themes this past year included visits from a clown, a campground ranger and Mother Goose (all performed by me!)   Our summer reading program, “On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!” was very successful.  We had visits from Ronald McDonald, Homer the Dog and Poof Daddy (a combination of magician and comedian).  Our winter reading program was “Get Frozen”.  Children read books to earn a ticket to attend a program featuring Elsa.

The Leesburg Library offered programming for our teens, too.  They participated in their summer reading program, “Get in the Game” and held a Harry Potter Muggle Quiddich Tournament.  Our teen reading group, SPARX, continues to be active.  They meet monthly to discuss a book and enjoy pizza and pop.  We also host a weekly teen chess/game club that meets in our activity room.


We enjoy working with local organizations to provide services to the community at large.  Some of these programs/organizations include Fairfield School, Leesburg Fire Dept. and Life Squad, Head Start and the Leesburg Lions Club.


Once again the library has benefited from the generosity and support provided by the many businesses and patrons of the Leesburg community.  Their donations assist us in providing incentives for our summer reading and story time programs.  We would also like to thank patrons who have displayed items in our show case this year.  Our patrons have enjoyed Teddy Bear, Smurf and Elephant collections that have been displayed.


It was with sadness that the Leesburg Library accepted the resignation of Ashley Rainey this year who wanted to be a stay-at-home mom!    However, Ashley has volunteered to continue working with the teens who participate in the monthly SPARX meetings and we are very thankful for that!  Because of Ashley’s resignation, we were pleased to welcome new employee, Sheri Kuha in September.  Sheri is very friendly and energetic and a great addition to our staff.

The Leesburg Library strives to assist our patrons with their informational and recreational needs and we are proud to be an integral component of the Leesburg community.


Leesburg Staff:  Sharon Aukeman, Branch Manager; Becky Howard; Shirley Fetters; Belinda Baldwin; Justin Faulconer; Sheri Kuha; Ashley Rainey (resigned)






Written by Elaine Williams, Branch Manager



            The Lynchburg Branch Library continued to serve the community with programs, reference assistance, and circulation of materials for information and entertainment in 2016.


            Attendance at library programs was increased in 2016 for both children and adults. For adults, we offered a cupcake decorating class, beginning scrapbooking classes, adult coloring sessions, and our annual Christmas Tea.  Although 2016 saw the end of our long-running Knit-N-Stitch program, a new Crocheting Class formed in March which now meets weekly on Thursday evenings.  In November, this group informed the staff that it is now calling itself “The Chain Gang,” and we hope to see them continuing at strength into the year 2017!  Our Pageturners Book Club is still meeting monthly, with 6 to 12 ladies in attendance, with another 4 to 6 who are notified via phone or email of authors and titles we are reading.


            It was easy to come up with programming for this year’s summer reading, ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, READ (a sports-related theme).  With the help of some teen volunteers, we hosted Jim Kleefeld’s magic show, the Outrageous Olympiad, the “Cotton Bowl” games (featuring real cotton balls), the Greek Games, Parachute Play, the Poof Daddy Magic Show, a cheerleading clinic, karate demonstration, and a sports trivia contest. All of these programs were well attended.  225 children signed up for the program this year. The teens who were registered for summer reading read 123 books, and adults read 593 books.


             This year, our branch acquired a new self-help station where patrons can scan document images and send them via email, fax, and more. We also purchased five more magazine subscriptions for circulation and enabled extended hours for Wi-Fi access. Our patrons have welcomed these changes.


            We look forward to serving the community in 2017!


Lynchburg Branch Staff:  Elaine Williams, Branch Manager, Beverly Wilkin, Carol Frost, Jean Bush, Debi Dillon.






HILLSBORO:  Black History Month program honoring Augustus West and George H. Ford, Adult Coloring Evenings, hearing testing by Hearing Solutions, Plant Swap and Carol Cartaino’s “how to edit your own writing” workshop.  Visits from Jim Milliken from the Ohio Secretary of State office, State Representative Cliff Rosenberger and Senator Bob Portman.  Author visits from Wayne Page, Tracy Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse, Peter Seidel and Gretchen Huffman.


GREENFIELD: Genealogy Club, CET Ready to Learn workshops, Ohio Benefit Bank tax preparation, Tea Party “Meet the Candidates” night, Mother’s Club, Family Fit Meal Planning, DT & I Model Railroad Program, Job Fairs, Book Sale, Quilting Club, Summer Reading, Puzzles.


LYNCHBURG:  Pageturners Book Club, Cupcake Decorating, Beginning Scrapbooking, Crocheting Classes, Joy of Coloring, Sports Trivia Contest, Adult Summer Reading and the Annual Christmas Tea.


LEESBURG:  Investment Seminar, a book talk by local author Wayne Page, a paranormal program presented by the Appalachian Exploration Society, Veteran’s Day Appreciation Breakfast, weekly Knit Together Group and monthly adult reading group (Read, Relax, Review). 








Robbin Weingartner, Nick Fantetti, Donna O’Dom, Brenda Hilderbrand, Janet Donie and Glen Davis.





HILLSBORO:  Judith Sydenstricker (cross switch), Black History Month display, Diana Harvey (Appalachian Artisans Guild items), Emery Legg (coin collection), Patty Hubler (Pine Needle art ad grounds), Nancy Sonner (Quilts), Fred Bowman (Space Rocks), Ed O’Dom (Indian Points and Artifacts), Sandra Edenfield (Fairy Gardens), Donald Kelley (Southwestern Ohio Farm Toy Collection Club), Lyn Tone, Donna O’Dom, Sarah Allen and Sandy Jenkins) Coin Collections, Sandy Duplain (Christmas Town with lights).


GREENFIELD: Mary Mick (gingerbread collectibles), Joan Arnold (artwork), Vickie Gilkison (artwork), Summer Reading prizes and donations, Linda Fugate (photography), “Spark” (artwork), Tom Schluep, Jennifer Wenker, Larry Chapman, Eric Salyers, Elaine Williams, Constitution Week, Head Start artwork - Week of the Young Child.


LYNCHBURG:  Disney Stuffed Animals, Vintage Valentines, Toy Tractors, Early Readers (Dick & Jane, McGuffey), Farm Equipment, Egypt & Israel, Cincinnati Reds, Toy Cars, Die-Cast Pencil Sharpeners, Monsters & SciFi and Thomas the Tank Engine.


LEESBURG:  Board Games (library Staff), Cabin Arts Festival (Brenda Armstrong), Dr. Seuss (Kim Farra/Carol Gustin), Teddy Bears (Belinda Baldwin), Smurf Collection (Jerricah Shoemaker), Summer Reading, County Fair, Halloween (Library Staff), Elephants (Sue Carmean) and Frozen/Winter    (Library Staff)






Hillsboro:  Nancy Perin Axmacher in memory of her grandmother, Lyne Letcher Spargur, Dan Allosso donated a copy of his book “American Environmental History, Part One,” Gina Earley to purchase children’s books in memory of Lane Everett McCoy and Kenneth Ross Greer, the Underground Railroad Committee of the Highland County Historical Society donated 4 sets of their volume and CDR of research on the “Underground Railroad in Highland County, Ohio”, Altrusa of Highland County to the Summer Reading Program and New Sabina Industries for the Summer Reading Program.


Marilyn Tracy, the Hillsboro Mothers Club, Pauline E. Burnett, Patricia B. Kelch, Jennifer West, Robert and Dorothy Hodson, Sonny and Sue Barrett, and Joyce and James Frazer made donations in memory of Phyllis Reed.



Greenfield:  New Sabina Industries, Greenfield Mother’s Club, Greenfield Chiropractic, Ryan Reeves, Altrusa of Highland County, Ohio, McDonald’s, Burger King, Star Cinema, The Willow, Domino’s, Subway, Save-A-Lot, Jett’s Professional Embroidery, 3 Spoons Diner, Advance Auto, Wendy’s, Community Market, Robbins Village Florist, Bob Evans, Roller Haven, The Glitz, Kroger’s, Pizza Hut,  Dakota’s, Buck’s Tire Service, McClain Athletic Dept., Tecumseh, Gold Star, Big City Pizza, Walgreen’s, Kathy Decker, Newport Aquarium, Trendsetter, The Beach Waterpark, Cincinnati Reds, COSI, George Pataskan in memory of Kathy Jury, and many items from our patrons.


Lynchburg:  New Sabina Industries, Altrusa of Highland County, Ohio, and Andrew Keaton, Jr. who donated music and a Sanborn map.


Leesburg:  Altrusa of Highland County, Ohio, Batter Up Bakery, Chakeres Theaters, Cincinnati Zoo, COSI, Crossroads Diner, Dairy Queen, East Ambulance, Fifth-Third Bank, Frisch’s, Heritage Club, Highland Lanes, Hillcrest Productions, Jani-Chem, Kay Simmons Insurance, Kings Island, Kroger, Leesburg Hardware, Long’s Retreat, Mane St. Salon, Newport Aquarium, New Sabina Industries, Saucy Sisters Pizza, Southern Hills Community Bank, Star Cinema, Tecumseh, The Beach Waterpark, Wellers Plumbing & Heating, and Becky & Jeff Johnson.


Book donations by Blair Aukeman, Jeff Baker, William Baker, Shirley Brewer, Casey Carter, Sadie DeHaas, Maureen Drebot, Joycelyn Edwards, Linda Hamilton, Leo Haycook, Tom Henges, Jean Hodson, Barb Jenkins, Judy Overly, John Palmer, Richard Priest, Brenda Putnam, Amy Richards, Ashley Schottelkotte, Melissa Shepherd, Henry Smith, Liz Stritenberger, Christian Thurman and Kat Workman.