Check-outs = Chances to Win @ Hillsboro!

Our re-carpeting project finished a week early at the Hillsboro Library and we're excited to re-open and celebrate National Library Week. While everyone else celebrated libraries last week, we're celebrating now--Monday, April 11 - Saturday, April 16.

Patrons are invited to come in and pick up a check-out log for chances to win Dayton Dragons tickets. Every time five items are checked out--books, movies, magazines, anything--a base will be stamped. Twenty check-outs equals a home run! Once all four bases are stamped, the log can be entered into a drawing. There is no limit to the amount of logs that can be filled out. Returned logs will be entered in a drawing for 4 Dayton Dragons tickets and a parking pass.

The library wants to say a huge THANK YOU to the Dayton Dragons for their very generous donation.

Celebrate a belated Library Week at Hillsboro with a chance to win Dayton Dragons tickets!