Curbside Service FAQs

I’ve turned in these items – why are they still showing on my account and collecting fines?

Due to health concerns regarding COVID-19, we are keeping all returned items in quarantine before checking them in. This means that as soon as we collect the items from the return box outside, we put the items in a separate room for five days to make sure any potential contamination on the books’ surfaces have time to die out before we clean them, just to be on the safe side. Once the books are out of quarantine and have been thoroughly cleaned, we check them in and backdate them five days, so as long as you turned them in on time, any fines that might have shown up on your account within that five days will disappear, so you have nothing to worry about! Please do not renew items that have already been turned in.


How do I send/receive faxes, print things off, or make copies if the library isn’t letting people inside the building?

We are currently offering curbside service, so we can do these things for you! Just give your library a call and tell us you need something faxed/printed/copied, and we can help you. We do a form that we ask you to sign when you arrive at the library, giving us permission to print, copy, or fax on your behalf.

            To print something: Email the file you need printed to your library, and we will print it for you. Black-and-white prints are $0.10 per page, and color prints are $0.30 per page.

            To have copies made: When you arrive at your library, give us a call to let us know you're ready. Then, give the items you need copied and the correct amount of change to the librarian who comes outside to assist you. The librarian will take the items and money inside, make  your copies, and bring them out to you. Black-and-white prints are $0.10 per page, and color prints are $0.30 per page.

            To send faxes: When you arrive at your library, give us a call to let us know you're ready. Then, give the items you need faxed, the receiving address/number, and correct change to the librarian who comes outside to assist you. The librarian will take the items and money inside, fax the items, and bring a printed confirmation out to you.

            To receive faxes: A librarian will bring your fax out to you and take the correct change for the service.

            Sending a fax costs $1.00 per page, and receiving a fax costs $0.50 per page.


When will the library allow patrons inside the building again?

Currently, there isn’t a set date scheduled to re-open our doors to patrons, but we are eagerly looking forward to that time! When the decision is made to open to patrons, it will be announced on our website and on social media


Are the library’s hours different from usual because of curbside-only services?

Nope! Our hours are the same as they normally are. Find your branch’s hours here.


I miss browsing for books. Is there any way I can still do that?

If you want something to read or watch but aren't exactly sure what to pick, you can fill out this form below. Once you send it to us, one of our expert staff will select materials for you. When the items are selected and ready, we'll contact you to set up curbside pick-up. Contact your library with any questions.

Browsing Request Form


Can I put books, movies, CDs, audiobooks, etc. on hold online?

Yes! You can request items on our website at, over the phone, or by using the SEO app (available on your phone's app store). If you need help placing a hold on our website, try this video:

Please note that this video is from April. Shipments have resumed since then. We are receiving books from other libraries.

Is the library still open?

We are open for curbside service only during our normal business hours. These hours have not changed due to curbside service. If our hours change due to COVID-19, weather, or other unforeseen circumstances, we will announce the changes on our website and social media pages.


How do I check out items using curbside service?

Give your library a call when you arrive at the parking lot. Give us a call and tell us that you’re here to pick up items, your name, and describe the vehicle you’re in. One of our librarians will check your items out to you and bring them to your car. (We won’t need to scan your card for this.)


How do I return books if patrons are not permitted inside the building?

Just put them in the return box! Please be sure to only drop books and magazines in the book slot and CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, etc. in the media slot. Each branch regularly checks their return boxes.  


Where can I find new information regarding the library?

You can check out our website at or visit us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest! Simply search HCDL or hcdlibraryohio on these sites, or click on the links at the bottom of our website’s homepage.


Is the library still doing clubs/events?

We are unable to set up in-person meetings and events at this time, but several of our clubs have started meeting through video chat! Currently we are offering three clubs via Zoom: Bring Your Own Book club, Comic Book club, and Write-Away club. If you are interested in any of these or have questions about them, call the Hillsboro library at 937-393-3114. In addition, Story Time and Story Time Craft videos are available on both our Facebook page and YouTube channel.


How do I renew items?

You can renew any items on your account using our website or the SEO app, or you can give us a call and we can renew your items for you. Books will be renewed for 28 days; CDs, nonfiction DVDs, magazines, audiobooks, and new books for 14 days; DVDs and Blu-rays for 7 days.


How do I pay fines using curbside service?

Give us a call when you’re parked in our lot, and one of our librarians will come out to assist you. Please keep in mind that we can only accept cash or check; payments cannot be made via debit/credit card.


How many items can I check have checked out at one time?

You can have up to 100 items checked out at one time.


How long does it take for items to arrive from other libraries?

This depends on the library sending the item, as well as the delivery service we use. If the sending library is close to us, you can usually expect items to arrive within a few days, but if the sending library is several towns away, it could take a while. Generally, we will tell you to wait about a week after placing your hold before checking. You will be notified when the item is available. 


Can I use your WiFi without entering the building?

Our WiFi reaches our parking lot and is freely available to the public! All branches have their WiFi passwords posted on their entrances. For any WiFi questions, give your branch a call.  


Can I use a computer?

Starting on Monday, Feb. 5, 50-minute computer appointments can be made at each branch. A limited number of computers will be available. Each appointment is for one patron at a time. In addition, each branch also has a laptop you can use from your car. You can work on the laptop for one hour and the laptop must remain in the parking lot.  You will need a valid driver’s license that a librarian will hold onto while you use the library.