Reading Resolutions @ Hillsboro

Want to make a reading resolution for 2020?

Sign up for this special, year-long challenge at the Hillsboro library. Teens and adults--this is a great opportunity to tackle your to-read list... while also winning prizes, including two chances to win $50 Amazon gift cards!

It's simple:

(1) Set a goal for how many books you'd like to read this year.

(2) Keep track of the books you read with a log you'll receive when you sign up.

(3) Once a month, check in at the library. If you're on track with you're goal--great job! You'll be entered for a chance to win the grand prize (a $50 Amazon gift card). Falling behind? That's okay, too! We know next month will be better! As long as you still check in, you'll get a small prize each month.

(4) At the end of the year, everyone who meets their goal will get an extra 5 tickets toward the grand prize. That means, if you stay on track all year and meet your goal, you could have a total of 17 chances to win the gift card!

Set a goal that makes sense for you: If you read a lot of graphic novels, for instance, aim for a higher number. If you like long books, try for something smaller. (Minimum goal requirement: 12 books.)

In addition to the drawing for the $50 Amazon gift card, a second gift card will also be awarded to the patron who reads the most books. You can check out everyone's progress in the teen section at the Hillsboro library, where we'll be keeping track of how many total books we've read this year.

Good luck and happy reading!